The Magic and Convenience of Pre-tied Bows

Pre-tied bows are perfection. These strips of ribbon have been conveniently crafted into a beautiful bow awaiting application to our next present or craft. Usually, pre-tied ribbons are available in a variety of materials with either a convenient loop, wire tie, adhesive backing, or pull strings for an easy and quick application.

Here are a few of our favorite pre-tied bows and why we love them!

pre-tied bows

Stretch Loops: They’re easy elegance!

Stretch loops are easily one of our favorite pre-tied bows because they’re fun to use and a classy finishing touch to our smaller packages and crafts. We love them for stationary or smaller-sized gift boxes. Simply wrap the loop around your package or craft and done!

A few of our pre-tied stretch loop favorites include:

Wire Tie Bows: They’re a simple twist!

Do you know the secret to that gorgeous looking, symmetrical boutique bow? It’s the simple twist of a pre-made wire-tie bow.

We know, it’s a cheat. But it’s our cheat, and when you need to cinch 150+ cello wrapped favors for a birthday party quickly and efficiently, it will be your cheat too. Wire tie bows are available in a wide variety of colors and fabric types, so party and gift coordination are easy!

A few of our favorites include:

Self-Adhesive Bows: They’re as easy as a sticker!

Bows with a sticker backing are one of the most versatile embellishments you can use. They’re easy to use and finish a gift (or party decoration) perfectly. Simply stick onto a flat surface and gift!

A few of our favorites include:

Pull Bows: They make you look like a bow wizard!

Pull bows are magical. They are the unsung heroes of the pre-tied bow world. They come to you flat and then with a little pull, they are transformed into an incredibly intricate looking bow. It’s incredible! Pull bows also come in various finishes and sizes, perfect for gifts, baskets, and bouquets.

A few of our favorites include:

When it comes to last-minute gifting moments or party-favor-prep moments, we love using pre-tied ribbons because they make our gifts and projects look beautifully finished.


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