Organza 101: All About Organza Ribbon

When we want to soften the overall look of our gifts or craft projects with a touch of elegance, we turn to organza fabric ribbon. This light and airy fabric is perfect for weddings, Mother’s day gifts, and more. We’ve got everything you need to know about this lightweight fabric here. Check it out!


What is Organza Fabric

Organza fabric is an elegant material traditionally made of silk for a soft, sheer, and airy look. It is often seen as an addition to dramatic evening wear, wedding gowns, and accessories like ribbons and bows. Silk organza is hypoallergenic and is known to be extremely delicate, requiring extreme care and maintenance.

For a more durable and versatile fabric, we’ve found that synthetic materials like polyester and nylon can also be used to add elegance and drama. When produced from synthetic materials, this fabric is more easily dyed, sun resistant, and doesn’t shrink or crease.

How To Use Organza

While lightweight and delicate, Organza is also a very versatile and durable material. It can be used for projects and crafts of any size from extravagant wedding gowns and bags to ribbons and faux flowers.

A Few Ways We Use Organza

  • Home, Party, & Wedding Decoration
  • Gifts & Crafts

Home, Party, & Wedding Decoration

We like to use this ribbon to add a touch of drama to our decorations. Its a great accent for tables, chairs, and columns. For a chair decoration, we like to simply wrap our ribbon along the chair back and finish it with a simple boutique bow.

Beautiful Ribbon For Decorating

Gifts & Crafts

There is no easier way to finish a sophisticated gift or craft than with a bow made from sheer organza ribbon.

Easy Pillow Craft

If you have a lot of simple pillows lying around and you’d like to protect their edges from fraying, try a simple trim. Take your favorite sheer ribbon and sew them onto the edges onto your pillows to protect them and keep your decor looking sophisticated.

Narrow Ribbon For Gifts & Crafts

Where Is Organza Ribbon From

While it is common to see this fabric made in China, each part of the world takes a different and unique approach to this fabric. While the differences are slight, they are visible. Here are a few of the nuances we’ve found in texture and silk-like quality.

  • Organza From India | While light and airy, we’ve found that fabrics sourced from India have a slightly coarse texture. Fabric with a textured surface is great for gift baskets that need volume or projects that require molding and shaping.
  • Organza Made In France Or Italy | This fabric is soft in texture and maintains a sheer opacity and crisp drape. Soft fabric ribbons are perfect for gifts or clothing projects.

Note: If you’re looking for beautiful sheer organza ribbons, check out our sheer ribbons collection here.


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