Linen 101: All About Linen Ribbon

Linen ribbon – what are you even? What is linen made of and how is it made? Learn the facts about lightweight and beautiful linen ribbon here!

linen ribbon

A Little Bit About The History Of Linen

Linen is known to be one of the oldest fabric styles in the world. The word, linen comes from two different languages, both the Greek word linon and the Latin word linum.

FYI: We have a wide variety of linen ribbon made from durable synthetic and natural materials that look just like linen. Explore a selection that features colorful, dyed polyester ribbon, cotton linen, and multi-fabric, overstitched ribbon, as well as themed ribbon for every holiday of the year!

Linen: Some Background & Today

Originally made from plants, linen grew in popularity throughout the ages due to it’s lightweight and airy qualities. Nowadays, linen is still made from cotton plants, processed and woven together to create a tight natural fiber. We’ve found that ribbon made from cotton is soft, insulating, and breathable. It’s also easy to dye. We like to use linen ribbon made of cotton for a very rustic and raw look. Projects with these accents have a sort of whimsical, pastoral feel.

Often, you’ll find linen often made from synthetic, linen-like materials like polyester. For heavy-duty decorative projects, we like working with polyester ribbon for its ability to withstand the weather and the test of time.

Our Favorite Cotton Linen Ribbon

When it comes to working with linen, we think of countryside homes, provincial furniture, and cozy cottage aesthetics. Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Plaid Linen-Look Wired Ribbon
  2. Fine Ribbon
  3. Katie Ribbon

How To Use Linen

No matter what it’s made of, linen has a natural charm and rustic appeal that make it extremely versatile. We love using it to accent everyday home decor, gifts, and specialty crafts.

A Few Easy To Make Linen Crafts

  • Linen Table Accents | Linen styled ribbon is available in a wide variety of colors and designs, making event and decoration coordination easy. Simply trim your ribbon to match the length of your tablecloth and sew it onto your tablecloth to secure it. To maintain, gently handwash normally and hang dry.
  • Linen Wall Decor | An easy way to add a personal touch to drab walls or rooms, DIY your own linen ribbon backdrop! Simply grab a length of PVC pipe and several rolls of colorful ribbon. Then, tie long lengths of ribbon to the pipe for a whimsical backdrop.
  • Linen Bed Skirts | Dress up a plain bed skirt with ruffles made of wide ribbon. Bed skirts with loads of ruffles look so much better when made of subtle linen ribbon. Whether you choose cotton linen or polyester ribbon, you’ll add a touch of cute flair to any bed with some ruffles.

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