The Merriest Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

From country chic to elegant DIY, put a unique spin on your Christmas tree decorations this year.

Christmas Tree Decorations

The Christmas tree is the anchor of your holiday décor. So, as you’re decorating your home for this special time of year, make it a reflection of your style and taste. Whether it’s a color scheme to match the rest of your home, a mix of new and sentimental ornaments, or something completely unique and totally you, make a statement with your tree! Here are a few festive ideas to get you started.


1) A Twist On The New Classic: Mixed MetalsChristmas Tree Decorations

Instead of the typical red and green motif, mix it up with metals and vintage elements for a shimmering winter wonderland. Icy blues, bright silver, and just a touch of gold make a great color combo for an elegant nod to the season. Here are a few items that can help you achieve this look:


2) Simple & Cozy: Rustic Chic

One of the hottest trends this year, a rustic chic motif will bring a simple and cozy elegance to your Christmas tree decorations. Start with a spruce tree and burlap garland. Add in some white twinkle lights and sweet wooden ornaments, then layer in a few large glossy white statement bulbs. Sprinkle in a few black velvet touches for embellishment, and you’ve nailed the upscale country Christmas look. Try a few of these embellishments to get you started:

3) Layer On The Patterns & Textures

Christmas Tree DecorationsWho says polka dots and stripes don’t go together? We say, go for it! The key is to stick with one color scheme. So, keep it “Christmas Classic” with reds and greens, but play with different shapes and textures until you like what you’ve come up with! Here are a few suggestions to get the creative juices flowing:


4) Play With Unique Color Trends: Ombre

Pick your favorite color, or go from black to white for a grayscale look. Start at the bottom of the tree with darker shades and lighten things up as you make your way to the top. The end result can be stunning.

The best thing about this motif is that, though you’re sticking to shades of one color, you have the freedom to play around with the texture, size, and number of ornaments and decorations. In addition to the usual balls and bulbs, try some ribbon and a few non-traditional items for decorations. Here are the items we’d incorporate into our showstopping purple design:


5) A Classic MonogramChristmas Tree Decorations

If you’re the kind of person who monograms everything, this is the tree for you. In addition to all your favorite ornaments, add in wooden carved letters to represent the names of everyone in your family. The trick to keeping this tree from looking cluttered is to use a neutral color palette. Browns and golds (and a few pine cones) look great against the green branches of the tree.


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  1. First choose your tree. Many go for artificial trees because there are no dried pine needles to pierce the bottoms of tender feet or to have to vacuum up. Some artificial trees come pre-lit, so that eliminates the need to buy strands and strands of lights. Artificial trees are available in many different colors – white, blue, pink, as well as green – and are of varying heights and types.

  2. Hi Emily! I just found this article many months too late after the holiday season but this was some very good stuff! Every year, I see the same Christmas tree decorations and would love to see something different. There are a lot of decorations ideas that I would like to use for next Christmas. Keep up the great work!


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