The Top 4 Reasons Wired Ribbons Are Amazing

Wired ribbons are our favorite dependable craft go-to. Ribbons with wired edges are our tried and true, high-impact with little-to-know effort favorite craft item. Wired ribbon is simply a decorative strip of fabric with thin wire carefully sewn into the edges. It’s a stunningly simple concept, yet so genius!

Wired Ribbons

We use wired ribbon to easily create wonderfully dramatic loops and bows for our gifts and decorations. They’re simply amazing! Here are 4 reasons why.

#1 Wired Ribbons Are Long Lasting

Use wired ribbons easily for both indoor or outdoor projects. Their durable fabric body and wired edges make them the perfect decorative tool.

If you’re looking to embellish your space indoors, check out these ribbons:

If you’re creating beautiful outdoor decor, check these ribbons out:

#2 They’re Easy To Work With

As one of our favorite crafters once told us, “You don’t have to be a bow wizard to work with wired ribbon. If you can make a loop, you can make a bow!”

All we ever want is a ribbon that is generous to us when we admit our crafty shortcomings. With wired ribbon, you can simply loop one end of your ribbon over the other, twist, and voila! Your first loop is made. No glue, tape, or tears necessary. The more bows, the more intricate. So feel free to get creative and explore your bow-making potential!

# 3 Available In A Variety Of Colors & Patterns

Luckily, wired ribbon is available in nearly every color, pattern, or material you could ever need. We feel that if there is an occasion, there are at least 3 wired ribbons that you could use to decorate for it! If you’re prepping for the holidays, here are a few of our favorite wired ribbons:

#4 Bows Made With Wired Ribbon Are Meant To Impress: Visual Impact Is Maximum

Once you’ve decided on your favorite wired ribbon (or if you’re like us, multiple favorites – depending on the season!), then the fun part begins. Creating your bow! With wire, you can easily create bows of all shapes and sizes without worrying about whether or not your fabric will slip or your shape will fall. Here are a few of our go-to bow designs:

  • Basic Boutique Bow | Basic boutique bows are easily made with sturdy fabrics like grosgrain or if you’re using wired ribbons – any fabric! Make a basic boutique bow by simply creating two loops, crossing one over the other, and tying them together. Tighten to secure, fluff loops out as desired for more shape.
  • Pinwheel Bows | They look complicated, but with wired edges, they’re really easy to form. Simply fold your ribbon into three even layers and twist or cinch the center to secure your layers. Then, fluff the folded edges out and shape your bow!
  • Dramatic Tails Down Bows | Tails down bows may have a longer complicated name, but they’re by far the easier ribbon to create (or purchase a pre-tied bow in assorted patterns and styles).

If you are looking to make a dramatic, cascading statement with your bouquet, simply create your basic boutique bow with a longer tail. For a bounce and movement, we recommend using satin wired ribbon. Create your two loops, cross one over the other, tie them together. Tighten to secure, fluff out loops as desired, and let the ends curl gracefully downward. Trim ends as necessary.


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