[Buyer’s Guide] 3 Fabric Ribbons For Your Romantic Summer Wedding

Are you looking to create a dramatic and romantic summer wedding? It can be daunting, but totally doable! With just a few simple fabric choices, designing a romantic wedding or wedding reception look is easy.


Let us show you a few fabrics (and fabric ribbons for weddings) that easily define summer vintage romance.

Summer Vintage Romance Within Satin, Tulle, And Lace Fabric Ribbons For Your Wedding

Beautiful Satin

Satin is one of the most versatile ribbon styles for a couple of reasons – it’s widely available in variety of colors, styles, and widths and it’s beautiful to behold. There is a subtle sheen and soft texture that satin fabric is known for which adds an extra layer of elegance and romance to any project.

When To Use Satin

Use narrow satin ribbon to trim cards, clothing, or even party favors. If you are looking to incorporate a soft, satin touch into your wedding reception decor, use ribbon overstitched with wired edges. Wired edges give satin structural support that is a must for large scale event decor.

Our Personal Favorites

Narrow Satin Ribbon
Wired Satin Ribbon

Structural Tulle

Tulle is everything you and your event planner (or extremely DIY-savvy Maid Of Honor) want out of a fabric. It’s light, airy, and adds a dreamy diffusing effect on whatever it touches. Tulle also has a wonderfully structural effect that allows you to create large decorative pieces easily – meaning extravagant looking, romantic decor can be made quickly with very little effort.

When To Use Tulle

Use tulle when you want to make decorative items which require a wide range of space to be covered, like wreathes or large scale arch decorations. You can also use tulle fabric to create whimsical costume pieces for pre-wedding celebrations as well (bachelorette tutu’s anyone?).

Tulle We Love Working With

Elegant Lace Fabric

Lace is delicately constructed and effortless in its elegance. Despite its intricate construction, lace is widely available in a variety of colors, styles, and widths. Lace is lightweight, soft to the touch, and a little of it goes a long way. If you’re looking for instant vintage elegance, add lace trim or make lace the focus of your decor.

When To Use Lace

Use narrow lace as trim for party decor or accessories. If you are looking to create a rustic, wedding-in-the-countryside bridal style layer lace with a rough, natural fabric like burlap.

Lace We Love


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  1. I was confused which kinds of ribbons should I use for my upcoming cousin brother’s wedding. Now I know where to use which kind of ribbon. Thanks!


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