10 Easy Ways to Use Personalized Ribbon for Any Occasion

Meaningful messages, corporate branding, special events, or holidays — a personalized ribbon provides the perfect finishing touch for any occasion.

Personalized Ribbon

Sure, you could order premade personalized ribbon, but where’s the fun in that? In this post, we’ll give you the scoop on how to personalize ribbon yourself — and all the ways you can use it to spruce up gifts, merchandise, and window displays throughout the year!


Methods for Creating Personalized Ribbon

Personalized Ribbon

There are many different ways to personalize your ribbon, but we’ve found that the three easiest options are stamping, computer printing, or a ribbon printing machine. Ribbon printing machines can be a bit on the pricey side, but if your business uses a lot of custom ribbon, it might be worth the investment.

Stamping is great for displaying your business logo or a fun holiday theme, and it’s simple and easy: all you do is ink up your stamp and press it firmly onto the ribbon. The ribbed nature of grosgrain ribbon is ideal for stamping because it holds the ink better than other materials. You can also add embossing powder for an extra bit of embellishment.

Printing from a computer takes a few extra steps, but once you get the hang of it it’s a breeze. You’ll need a computer, an inkjet printer, double stick tape, and a thin ribbon with no wire like satin or grosgrain.


Step-by-Step Tutorial for Printing Ribbon


  1. Use a computer program to create a personalized logo or message, making sure to size the font appropriately so that it will fit on your ribbon.
  2. Print your message on a standard sheet of paper.
  3. Place a strip of double stick tape on the backside of your ribbon, with the side you want to print on facing up.
  4. Adhere the ribbon to the sheet of paper, so that your message is covered by the ribbon.
  5. Place the paper with the ribbon attached, into your printer.
  6. Print your message onto the ribbon and allow the ink to dry before handling.


Ideas for Using Personalized Ribbon

Embellish Your Retail Packaging: Print a festive version of your logo onto a ribbon that you can tie it around your packages.

Enhance the Look of Your Merchandise Bags: Add a length of personalized ribbon to the handles of your store’s shopping bags for a custom touch.

Shipping Your Goods: Before sealing up your box for shipping, wrap your items in tissue paper and tie it off with a personalized ribbon. This small detail can make an otherwise humdrum package memorable.

Personalized Swag Bags: Add style and good cheer with festive personalized ribbon for your holiday party favors.

Window Displays: Spruce up your seasonal window displays with streamers of personalized ribbon.

Holiday Events: Whether tied around balloons, candles, or vases or woven down the centerpiece of your dinner table, a personalized ribbon adds a nice customized touch to any event.

Wrapping up a Package: For boutique clothing or gifts, a personalized ribbon is a great way to remind your customers where they found those gorgeous items (and help them spread the word!).

Cinch Up a Bag of Sweets: This trick is ideal for sweet shops or party favors. Simply load up a clear cellophane bag with your colorful holiday treats, then tie it up with a ribbon stamped with your customized message.

Holiday Gift Baskets: Whether you’re a retailer selling gift baskets or are simply creating fun treats for friends and family, adding a personalized ribbon to wrap up those baskets will make every gift memorable.

Handmade Cards: Stamp a lovely holiday message onto a series of ribbons, then attach them to white cardstock for a beautiful and thoughtful Christmas card.


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  1. I love what you said about adding style and good cheer to personalized holiday bags with custom ribbons. I think that custom ribbons offer a great way to add personalized flair to any item, from teddy bears to luggage. My wife and I want some custom ribbons for the upcoming holiday season, so we’ll make an effort to find a reputable supplier.


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