Big Square Mesh Net Wired Ribbon

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The Big Square Mesh Net Wired Ribbon is 3-3/4 inches wide and 10 yards long. The ribbon is wired and has a big square mesh net. Each square measures 3/4 inches × 3/4 inches. Even though it is not made of natural fiber, it exudes a rusty natural look and is available in ivory, moss, natural and red colors. Several twines have been loosely woven to form the mesh with a rough appearance. Use this ribbon to create meshed lanterns, hanging lanterns, and more. The edges of the ribbon are wired, giving the edges extra strength to be used as a hammock for soft toys in kids’ room. You can also wrap it around vases and jars to give them a unique look or use them to create table décor, book covers, wreaths, garlands and more. Wrap this ribbon around a door or across a wall and fill the mesh with decorative flowers and other embellishments for occasions like birthday parties, feasts, festive gathering etc. The wired ribbon is made of 70% paper, 15% nylon, and 15% polyester material.

3-3/4 inches wide
10 yards long
Wired ribbon
70% paper, 15% nylon, and 15% polyester material

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
567004052Ivory3 3/4"10 yd$6.39/ROLL6.393-3/4" X 10YD IVORY BIG SQUARE MESH NET WIRED RBN
567004064Moss3 3/4"10 yd$6.39/ROLL6.393-3/4" X 10YD MOSS BIG SQUARE MESH NET WIRED RBN
567004000Natural3 3/4"10 yd$6.39/ROLL6.393-3/4" X 10YD NATURAL BIG SQUARE MESH NET WRD RBN
567004030Red3 3/4"10 yd$6.39/ROLL6.393-3/4" X 10YD RED BIG SQUARE MESH NET WIRED RIBBON

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