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These assorted pearls are perfectly crafted spheres with a diameter varying from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. This is a pack of about 90 pearls with the same size and shine that you can use it in your own creative way. These pearls have a hole in the center so that you can string them together to make a beautiful necklace, bracelet, earring or anklet. Having the choice to use these pearls in your way, you can make your own fashionable jewelry. And don't limit them to just jewelry as you can use them for decorating other DIY home décor items too. The ivory color of these pearls makes them versatile enough to be mixed and matched with other materials to create something creative. For example, you can glue them to your little princess's tiara or on a vase. You can select the size of the pearl according to your requirement from the different available sizes. These are made of smooth plastic material.

1/2-1 inch diameter
Shiny gloss finish
Smooth plastic material
Ivory color
Pack of 90 pearls approx.

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