Ariel Trim

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The Ariel Trim is a classic ribbon that measures around 1/4" in width and is packaged as a roll. The unique design is created by weaving threads in a neat swirl pattern. This pattern is created by swirl panels made using a thin cord. The swirl panels are kept firm in their place by sewing them in a single stitch at the center. This swirl trim presents a simple design that provides it the versatility to be used creatively in art and craft activities. It can add texture to the edges of furnishing pieces like tablecloths, mats and similar items as it can be easily sewn on the edges of a fabric. The versatility of this cord is that it be used to be paired with appliques and other ribbons. Choose from two different colors: white and ivory. The Ariel lace trim is made using an exquisite combination of three fabrics – cotton, nylon and polyester.

1/4" size
Tiny swirl pattern
Single stitch down the center
49% cotton, 37% nylon and 14% polyester

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
5827001White1/4"10 yd$1.90/ROLL1.901/4" X 10YD WHITE ARIEL TRIM

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