Antique Patterns Ribbon

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The Antique Patterns Ribbon features a medium-size width and it is packaged as a roll. This single-faced ribbon is designed with foliage motifs and a soothing base color to create an antique impression. The upper panel is smooth and the edges are crisply detailed with a sleek border to provide a great finishing touch. The antique-style design is printed on one side. You can use this polyester ribbon for a wide range of craft activities. This traditional ribbon makes it an interesting decorative for special gift boxes carrying jewelry and other prized collectibles as it adds a classic vibe. You can also use it innovatively to create decorative bows. Though the possibilities of using it in art and craft activities are endless, using it in gift packaging is most popular. Both these colors complement antique designs perfectly and they can also be used in combination with each other for creative novelty.

Single faced
Polyester material
Art nouveau foliage motifs printed

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
5725515Black5/8"25 YDS$3.93/ROLL3.935/8" X 25YD BLACK ANTIQUE PRINTED RIBBON
5725535Moss Green5/8"25 YDS$3.93/ROLL3.935/8" X 25YD MOSS GREEN PRINTED RIBBON

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