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All About Taffeta Ribbon

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Taffeta is a crisp, smooth fabric with a plain weave that can be made of synthetic or natural fabric, including rayon, silk, and polyester. The word for taffeta comes from a Persian word that means twisted woven. It’s usually considered a luxury fabric and is used in gowns and wedding dresses, as well as curtains and wall coverings.
Taffeta is often preferred to organza because it has a starched style that holds its shape much better than other fabrics. At Ribbons.com, we have several different types of taffeta ribbon, so that you have access to the colors and designs you need for every project. If you want to learn more about taffeta, read on for some of the most interesting fabric facts.

Taffeta Around the World

While modern taffeta was first woven in Italy and France around the 1950s, during the 1970s, China dominated the market. Today, raw silk types of taffeta ribbon are produced in India and Pakistan. Much of the taffeta made is handwoven on looms, but some areas use mechanical looms to create the fabric.
Taffeta made in different regions feature different textures and shapes. Taffeta from Italy and France is generally very malleable and soft, while taffeta produced in China is generally stiffer and less flexible.

Taffeta Styles

There are generally two types taffeta: yarn-dyed and piece-dyed. Yarn-dyed taffeta is very stiff and is the type used in evening gowns, while piece-dyed taffeta is very soft and usually used for linings. When made into ribbon, many types of taffeta ribbon are generally softer and more malleable than the yarn-dyed variety.

Taffeta Crafts

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Taffeta Cake Toppers

Since some types of taffeta ribbon are stiff, using it to make adorable cake toppers is easy and fun. Simply cut small shapes out of the ribbon and glue them onto toothpicks for themed parties and occasions. One of the easiest cake toppers to make are small taffeta flags that wave with the breeze!

Taffeta on Shoes

Since taffeta is considered a high-end fabric, adding it to your favorite shoes for an extra special touch is a great idea. Whether you use it to modify a pair of heels or embellish a pair of boots, you can create a ton of fun designs and original styles.

Taffeta Table Accents

Traditional table runners are definitely out of style. Today, we want to see your originality and unique personality in every part of your decor. Using taffeta ribbons as table runners is a great way to elevate your settings and add your own special touch—all at the same time!

Time to Taff-It-Up!

Taffeta is a super fun ribbon to use in craft projects. Most types of taffeta ribbon are great for everything from clothing and decor to hair accessories and key chains. Visit Ribbons.com to find amazing taffeta ribbons for all seasons and get new ideas for your next craft project!

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