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All About Linen Ribbon

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The Linen Ribbon Look

Linen is one of the oldest styles of fabric in the world. Originally, linen was made from plants, flax to be exact, but today it is often made from synthetic materials that look just like a linen. The word linen comes from two different languages; both the Greek word linon and the Latin word linum.
At Ribbons.com, we have a ton of ribbon made from durable synthetic and natural materials that look just like linen. Explore a selection that features colorful, dyed polyester ribbon, linen made from cotton, and multi-fabric, overstitched ribbon, as well as themed ribbon for every holiday of the year!

Natural and Synthetic Materials

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Since we have linen made from cotton, it is considered a natural fiber—exactly like jute or silk. In fact, ribbon made from cotton is soft, insulating, and breathable. Many linen ribbons made from cotton look very rustic and raw, which lends a whimsical, pastoral feel to anything that uses this material, but it’s also a very easy material to dye, which leads to tons of different styles and designs.
Our linen made from polyester is also a really great choice, as polyester style linen is flexible and durable. You can work on any project with our polyester ribbon and it’ll last through the years!

Linen Uses and Decor

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Since linen ribbon is made from both natural and synthetic fabrics, it's very versatile. You can use it in so many different projects, that the only limit is your imagination! At Ribbons.com, we love crafting with ribbon—especially linen! Linen has so much natural charm and rustic appeal that you can use it as simple accents for many styles of decor.

Linen Table Accents

Linen style ribbon makes perfect table accents because it comes in so many different colors and designs. You can match any type of decor with the wide selection at Ribbons.com! Instead of a traditional table runner, take several different types of ribbon and create your own.
All you have to do is cut your ribbon to match the length of your tablecloth and sew the ribbon to the tablecloth to secure it. Even after you attach your linen ribbon runner to your tablecloth for a cute look, you can still use and wash it like you normally would.

Linen Backdrops

If you want to add a personal touch to drab walls or rooms, creating a linen style ribbon backdrop is super easy. Grab a length of PVC pipe and several rolls of linen ribbon in colors that match your decor. Then, tie long lengths of ribbon to the pipe for a whimsical backdrop. Since this project is so easy, you can create several backdrops in different colors and instantly change any room to suit your mood.

Linen Bed Skirts

Bed skirts with loads of ruffles look so much better when made of subtle linen ribbon. Whether you choose cotton or polyester ribbon, you’ll add a touch of cute flair to any bed with some ruffles. For a personalized, custom touch for your bedroom, choose ribbon in your favorite colors.

Getting Creative

When it comes to crafting with linen, think French countryside homes, provincial furniture, and cozy cottage aesthetics to ensure you get the results you're craving. If you want more tips and advice for using linen ribbon, visit Ribbons.com for more ideas!

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