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All About Jute Ribbons

Jute ribbon, which is also referred to as burlap ribbon, is generally made with natural plant fibers that are derived from the jute plant. It is comprised of the material that makes hemp, hessian, and burlap cloths.

At Ribbons.com, we have ribbons made completely out of jute, as well as ribbons from other natural materials that mimic the weave and style of jute, such as cotton, linen, or polyester. Read on to learn more about jute ribbons and their many uses.

Natural Fibers

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Since jute ribbons are made from a natural fiber, they are breathable, heat-resistant, and very durable. Ribbons made of natural materials are also environmentally friendly, as they are easily biodegradable. You’ll also find jute in many other common products—jute is frequently used in coffee filters, cotton bale covers, gardening twine, shopping bags, carpets, rugs, and furniture covers.

Simple Weave

Most jute ribbons use a plain weave to create simple, strong ribbons that can be used for everything from fashion to furniture. Our unadorned jute ribbons are identical on both sides—a hallmark of the plain weave—and make for a tight, hard-wearing ribbon. When decorating, you can pair jute with coarse or delicate materials to create interesting contrasts, whether it’s used with wood and brick or lace and porcelain.

Jute Decor

Jute Decor

Jute is especially beautiful when paired with lace ribbon for a rustic, country appearance. It can be used with a number of items to bring a whimsical, pastoral charm to any decor. While these ribbons look stunning in their natural, earthy colors, they are easily dyed to suit a number of possible themes.

Jute and Candles

For decor that includes a lot of candles, create a cohesive style with foliage-wrapped votives that are held in place by strips of undyed jute ribbon. You can use any style of ribbon for this craft, but jute ribbon seamlessly brings a nature theme into your decor with earthy colors and fibers.

Jute and Furniture

Whether you’re looking to reupholster polished wooden stools or dining chairs, they can all benefit from jute ribbon. Add a jute ribbon to the back of a chair or let lengths of ribbon streamers hang off the back for an elegant flair.

Jute and Tableware

Jute ribbon is the perfect addition to tableware decor, as its colors allow silverware and bold ceramic to shine. Tie a length of jute ribbon around the stem of a glass, use it as a napkin ring, or bundle silverware together for a homey feel.

From Crafts to Decor

Whether you’ve chosen jute ribbon for its natural look or for its biodegradable properties, it’s a great ribbon for embellishing household items, creating themed event decor, or adding a little rustic ribbon ambiance to your store.

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All About Jute Ribbon
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