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Weddings and ribbons have gone hand and hand for decades. For the past few years people have started to use ribbon for more than just wrapping the wedding presents. Here are the 10 most popular uses for ribbons in weddings.

Ribbon and the cake

cake ribbon Using ribbons on wedding cakes is the newest craze. With a nearly endless selection of styles, shapes, colors, size, and material, you can turn your cake into whatever you want it to be. Make the cake match the wedding dress, turn it into the center piece, or make your cake part of the theme.

Ribbon bouquet tie up

wedding ribbon bouquet The bouquet is a very important part of the wedding. Yes, you have many beautiful flowers, but why stop there? Make your bouquet an accessory by embellishing the flower arrangement with a beautiful ribbon. Turn the ribbon into a bow using some Satin Wired ribbon. Wired ribbon is a great option because it holds the form of the bow better. If you would rather have the ribbon to flow, try some Julia Iridescent Semi-Sheer Satin ribbon.

Ribbon and stationary

Your invitations, place settings, and menus can all be spruced up with some ribbon. You picked the perfect stationary for your wedding so take that next step and adorn it with soft, silky ribbon. Start off by adding some 3/8” Shimmer Satin ribbon to your invitations to complement your wedding theme colors.

wedding ribbon stationary For your menus or place setting, don’t just place that folded piece of paper on the table with your guests name on them. Wrap the place setting with some Side stitch Multi-Color Grosgrain ribbon.

Ribbon garter

ribbon garter The garter should be something fun and exciting. Yes you can buy one from the huge wedding stores, but so will everyone else. Why not create your own? Make the garter as traditional or as exciting as you want. Consider using Shimmer Satin ribbon for a traditional look or embellish it with Small Iris Flower ribbon.

Ribbon ceremony backdrop

ribbon backdrops wedding Regardless of where your wedding ceremony takes place, you can add a little something to the ceremony backdrop by using ribbon. Add color and depth to your ceremony by incorporating 1 ¼” Metallic Flat Poly ribbon or a few 4 ½” Giant Wide ribbons.

Ribbon ceiling décor

ribbon celling decor Did you book that ball room with those dull hanging ceilings or a large outside tent? String ribbon from the ceiling to make the room POP! Not only will it help the look of the room, it will give you yet another chance to bring the theme of your wedding alive in almost all aspects. Grab some rolls of ¾” Moire Satin Finish Poly ribbon and a few rolls of 1 ¼” Metallic and Iridescent Flat ribbon to create a fantastic décor for your room.

Ribbon table runner

ribbon table runner Table cloths are just fine but don’t settle for “fine”, shoot for fabulous. Adding ribbon table runners really takes your reception up a notch. Pick a color and style to complement your wedding theme. Try a cool style like 1 ¾” Daisy Cut Out ribbon.

Buffet & dessert table ribbon backdrop

buffet table ribbon backdrop Another creative way to use ribbons is as a backdrop to your buffet or dessert table. You could use a single style and color or you can mix it up with many colors and styles.

Wedding dress ribbon sash

wedding dress sash ribbon Add a ribbon sash to your wedding dress. Give your dress that little bit of something extra. Try using 3″ Double Face Satin ribbon in any color you like.

Chair decorations with ribbon

wedding chair ribbons Whether your wedding is outside or inside, you need to add something to those boring rental chairs. Nothing is quite as bad as picking the perfect location for your wedding and then having it clash with dull, old, used chairs. Mix ribbon in different sizes, colors, styles, and length to make the chairs as amazing as your ceremony.




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