Wedding Favors with Ribbon

To remember how much fun your guests had on your big day, you’ll want to give them something that brings back a flood of memories – like how your father-in-law boogied on the dance floor and how grandma got a little too tipsy. Make sure your guests will remember your day from the moment they step off the property by using ribbon wedding favors. I’ve gathered up all the great wedding favors that feature a little bit of ribbon for some playful fun and long lasting memories.

Traditional Wedding Favors with Ribbon

Order jewelry boxes or clear bags, and stuff them with you and your honey’s favorite candy. Or you can find candy that matches the colors of your wedding. Some couples like to give their guests seeds to plant. Whatever you decide to stuff these small favors, you’ll finish it up with a cute bow. Martha Stewart has a wonderful bow tutorial that looks exactly like a flower.

Ribbon Wedding Favors from Martha Steward Weddings

Modern Wedding Favors with Ribbon

Throwing rice at weddings is not only harmful for the nearby wildlife, but outdated. Turn to today’s modern way to celebrate the new couple – use Ribbon Wands! And what do the guests do after the couple takes off? They can keep their wedding wands as ribbon wedding favors. We have an excellent tutorial on how to make a ribbon wand here. Remember to match the ribbons to your wedding colors and give instructions to guests on when to use it. You may want to hand it out early so guests can flaunt their ribbon wands on the dance floor.

Ribbon Favor Wands from The Ruby Carousel

Photo from The Ruby Carousel

Artistic Wedding Favors with Ribbon

Chalkboard paint is the trendiest thing on Pinterest. You’ll find everything can have a fun artistic twist when you use chalkboard paint. Give your guests something fun and entertaining to do on your Big Day when you use chalkboard paint on your favors then attach chalk with a ribbon or twine. This is a great example from Wedding Favors & Centerpieces; to get the look, pick up some chalkboard paint, candle holders, candles, chalk, and ribbon. Paint your chalkboard onto each candle holder, allow to dry, and then add on the chalk and ribbon. You may need to use a stencil for accuracy.

Chalkboard Ribbon Wedding Favors

Christmas Wedding Favors with Ribbon

If you’re having your wedding during the jolliest time of the month, you should have a wedding favor that represents the season of giving. What better way to become a part of your guests’ homes every year then to give an ornament? This simple ornament from Valley & Co. is filled with sand and topped with ribbon. You can even gather sand at the place you and your fiance met or frequent often. If you would rather keep it Christmas theme all the way, you can add red and green glitter instead. Be careful with this favor though, since it can easily shatter. We recommend giving it to guests as they walk to their cars to avoid any mishandling.

Ribbon Wedding Favor Ornaments from Valley & Co

Healthy Wedding Favors with Ribbon

With the influx of weddings happening in the great outdoors, a treat that’s healthy for your guests is just the ticket to end the night smiling. These wedding favors with ribbon from Martha Stewart won’t last long, but they’ll add some charm to your wedding. Just buy a large number of oranges from your local store, and tie ribbon and cut paper to each orange to add the wedding date. It’s short lived, but your guests will appreciate the lack of clutter and deliciousness of this after-wedding treat.

Martha Stewart Ribbon Wedding Favors - Oranges

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