Trending Crafts with Ribbon

Ribbons are such a versatile material that can be used to adorn gifts, crafts, and more. We love keeping up with the new ideas of how to craft with ribbon, and we found five creative ideas that are trending on Pinterest. You’ll want to emulate these crafts or, at least, inspire you to come up with the next big thing when it comes to crafts and ribbons.

Ribbon Plates

This idea from Listotic is simply genius, especially if you order ribbon in bulk. Decorate paper plates for a kid’s party, bake sale, or other colorful events where it will add a polished look. Just use a hole puncher and punch holes around a plate, an inch or more apart, thread the ribbon through and tie into a bow.

Ribbon Plate

Ribbon Beaded Bookmark

We’ve posted other bookmark ideas with ribbon, but this one looked so easy that even the kids could make it. Just cut a long piece of ribbon, add beads, and knot the ends. Super simple from the Celebration Shoppe.

Beaded Bookmark

Ribbon Santa Ornament

What a wonderful idea! Use ribbon to make a Santa’s belt, fill with red M & M’s and use a soda can top as a belt buckle. Looks super cheap and easy to make. You could also make this larger in a vase and use as a centerpiece.

Santa Belt Ribbon Ornament


Flower Ribbon Napkin Holders

These adorable ribbon flowers were made from a variety of different sizes of satin ribbon. Attach them to a napkin and you have a very cute napkin holder idea from DailyFix.

Ribbon Flower Napkin Holders


Ribbon Bracelet

Make this simple ribbon bracelet from Spoonful. All you need is ribbon and Velcro. Such a cute idea for a group of girls to make at a slumber party.  Ribbon Bracelet


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  1. Art supplies says:

    Awesome ideas! I love this ribbon plate and flower ribbon napkin holders. These are easy to perform. We can easily do this creatively. Thanks for these unique ideas.

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    Thanks! We appreciate the comment. Thanks for stopping by!

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