How to Make a Two Tone Hair Bow

Why settle for making a hair bow with just one colored ribbon when you can have two? Creating a hair bow with two different colors or patterns is just as simple. This creative two tone hair bow adds a unique look to the traditional boutique style bows and are just as fun to make.

Materials for 2 Tone Hair Bow

  • 1 ½ inch grosgrain ribbon – 2 different colors or patterns
  • Measuring tape
  • Lighter
  • Glue gun

Instructions for 2 Tone Hair Bow

  1. Cut 16 inches of each grosgrain ribbon
  2. Heat seal all four ends
  3. Add a light strip of glue on the edge of one piece of grosgrain ribbon
  4. Overlap the other grosgrain ribbon on top so that you have one long piece of grosgrain ribbon
  5. Fold your bow by looping one end of the grosgrain ribbon – creating an effect like the Breast Cancer Awareness Bow.
  6. Bring in the opposite side of the same color grosgrain ribbon -should start to see a bow. Make sure where the colors touch is in the middle
  7. Bring the second color grosgrain ribbon around to form a loop then bring the second part of the grosgrain ribbon around for a full bow
  8. Voila! Your two tone hair bow is finished! Just attach a tie to the middle and you’re done

Two Tone Hair Bow by Ribbons.com

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