How to Tie a Double Ribbon Bow

Learning to tie a small double ribbon bow can be a very useful trick in the crafts world. These double ribbon bows can be used to embellish greeting cards, invitations, or scrapbook pages. Follow this quick and easy tutorial to learn how to tie a double ribbon bow.

Materials to Make a Double Ribbon Bow

  • Fabric ribbon of your choice – width can vary between ¼” and ⅜”
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors

Instructions on How to Make a Double Ribbon Bow

  1. Cut 5” of fabric ribbon off and put it to the side. You should make your cuts at an angle to minimize fraying
  2. Take the spool of fabric ribbon and measure about 4 ½” of fabric ribbon, fold the fabric ribbon at this spot, and bring it towards the opposite side
  3. When you reach about 3 inches on the opposite side, fold it again
  4. Repeat these two steps until you have two loops on each side
  5. Cut the end of the fabric ribbon off and hold tightly in the middle
  6. Use the 5” piece of fabric ribbon that you set aside in the beginning  to tie a knot in the middle
  7. Trim all the ends of the fabric ribbon to even lengths

Double Bow Ribbon


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