Three Cute and Easy DIY Tulle Hair Clips

Hello! My name is Sarah, and you can find me blogging over at Tulle and Trinkets about fashion, food, DIY projects, and my life in Indianapolis! Today, I’m excited to guest post on the Ribbons.com blog to share three cute and easy DIY tulle hair clips. They’re so simple to make, so without further ado …

diy tulle hair clips Let’s run through the easy-peasy instructions to make each one:

1. Tulle Flower

To make this sweet flower tulle hair clip, you need: tulle, a button, a needle + thread, an alligator clip, a hot glue gun

diy tulle flower

  1. Fold a narrow strip of tulle¬†accordion-style so it’s layered.
  2. Cut a circle out of the center of the layered tulle, leaving no folded edges.
  3. Sew a button in the center of the circles. Use two alligator clips to keep the tulle together and even while you’re sewing.
  4. Hot glue the flower to the alligator clip.

2. Tulle Pom

To make a tulle pom hair clip, you need: tulle, a ribbon, an alligator clip, a wide fork

diy tulle pom pom hair clip

  1. Wrap the tulle around the tines of the large fork. The more times you wrap it around, the denser your pom will be.
  2. Put the ribbon through the center tines and tightly knot it around the middle of the tulle, sliding the tulle off the fork.
  3. Slide the top of the alligator clip through the ribbon.
  4. Cut the folded edges and fluff out the tulle into a pom shape.

3. Tulle Bow

To make a tulle bow you need: tulle, an alligator clip, a normal-sized fork

diy tulle bow hair clip

  1. Wrap a strip of tulle around the fork until it’s your desired thickness.
  2. Cut a thin strip of tulle and tie it around the center of the tulle.
  3. Slide the tulle off the fork and tighten the tulle tie into a knot. Trim off the ends of the tulle tie.
  4. Slide the alligator clip through the tulle tie.

And there you have it! You can use these clips in your hair, on your shirt collar, or you could skip the clips and use them as decorations! As for me, I’ll be sporting them as face-framing baubles:

tulle and trinkets blogger I hope you love these tulle clips as much as I do! Be sure to stop by Tulle and Trinkets and say hi!

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