Ribbons and Lace – A Pretty Combination!

This wedding season, you will see the beautiful combination of ribbons and lace. Mixing the softness of ribbon and the daintiness of lace creates an atmosphere of elegance and charm. For today’s blog, we are bringing you the most sensational combinations of ribbons and lace we’ve seen. You’ll want to replicate these looks or, at least, you’ll feel inspired to mix lace and ribbons for your next big event.

Ribbons and Lace Table Runner

This gorgeous ribbons and lace table runner features strips of black and white satin ribbon with black lace pieces. To save costs, you can use lace ribbons instead of lace pieces to create this look. This table runner would be great for weddings (just pick different colors) or would look wonderful for a girly birthday party.

Lace and Ribbons Table Runner

Ribbons and Lace Backdrop

From 100 Layer Cake, this ribbon and lace backdrop is breathe-taking and unusual. Place lace fabric into different sizes of wooden oval frames that are see-through. Then use ribbon to hang up these pieces. To give the look more volume, add strips of ribbons on the top. You can learn how to make a photo backdrop when you watch our Ribbons.com video.

Ribbon and Lace Backdrop

Ribbons and Lace Bouquet

Style Me Pretty got the look right with this sweet bouquet that features light pink roses and peach peonies. Wrap the bouquet with long strands of matching ribbon and a few strips of lace and you’ve got the most romantic look possible.

Lace and Ribbon Bouquet

Ribbons and Lace Chandelier

This photo from Blairbritt on Instagram shows off the beautiful combination of lace and ribbons as an outdoors’ chandelier. All you need is two round frames (big and small) then drape the ribbon and lace down to create a whimsical look.

Ribbons and Lace Chandelier

Ribbons and Lace Mason Jars

Wrap lace around mason jars and then tie a sweet bow in the front for wonderful wedding decor. You can use these jars for candy, candles, or to hold pens for your wedding guestbook. This look from Brightnest is sweet and rustic.

Ribbons and Lace Mason Jars

Ribbons and Lace Gift Packaging

 Junkaholique created this wonderful gift packaging with ribbons, lace, and kraft wrapping paper. To get the look, wrap your gift in kraft paper, tie lace around your package, and then tie a sweet bow on the top. Embellish with a leaf like she did or add a flower. Ribbons and Lace Gift Packaging

Lace Socks and Ribbon Shoelaces

We had to include this adorable shoe idea! Sew lace onto off-white socks then thread ribbon through shoelace holes. It’s a modern twist to Victorian style with the same dainty look that princesses use to show off.

Lace Socks and Ribbon Shoelaces

Ribbons and Lace Gift Tag

Instead of going with the standard gift tag, make it pretty by wrapping lace and ribbons around a regular kraft tag. You may only want to do this for the back of the tag, since you need to write the name of the recipient on the front. Sweet and simple is best, we like to say.

Ribbon and Lace Gift Tag


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