How Ribbon is Made

The Process of How Ribbon is Made

The process for manufacturing ribbon can vary depending on the type of material used. First, the thread for the ribbon needs to be spun, dyed and treated. Once this is accomplished, the thread is rolled on bobbins and placed on a ribbon loom. The ribbon loom features an array of miniature looms that dictate the desired width of the ribbon. Modern ribbon looms are sophisticated and computerized to generate ribbons that are intricate and detailed in design.

Quality control is important to any manufacturing process and the ribbon industry makes no exception. An operator consistently monitors a ribbon loom to make sure that the quality of the ribbon produced is to the highest of standards.


When it comes to manufacturing fabric ribbons, there are three general categories that ribbons fall into:

Fabric Ribbons: Cut-Edge

Also known as craft ribbon, this is commonly used for gift wrap. The fabric is cut into strips of varying width and often has a pattern or design. It is treated with stiffener to prevent the edges from fraying. Cut-edge ribbons are usually inexpensive but most of them cannot be washed.


Fabric Ribbons: Woven-Edge

Fabric Ribbons: Woven-Edge

Most commonly seen in the textile industry, these are woven as narrow strips of fabric with selvage edges that can be straight or shaped. These types of ribbons are washable because the woven edges prevent them from unraveling.

Fabric Ribbons: Wire-Edge

Wired Edge Ribbon

These ribbons have a thin, copper wire inserted on both sides. Wire-edge ribbons are malleable and more versatile than other ribbons, allowing it to hold a definite shape. It’s perfect for making bows but this type of ribbon cannot be washed. They tend to be more expensive than wireless ribbons as well.


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    Well, it also depends on the usage; I mean the purpose for which it is being used.and I think you must add velvet, the most beautiful ribbon in this tutorial.

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