Ribbon Video of the Week: How to Braid Ribbon

We’re starting a new blog series where we are going to feature helpful YouTube videos that show you new techniques on shaping ribbon. For our first week, we’re highlighting BittyBumBoutiqueTV‘s Braided Ribbon tutorial. When you watch and follow the steps in this video, you’ll learn how to weave ribbon into long pieces of braided ribbon. From there, you can attach your braided ribbon to a headband, to flip-flops, or you can use it as a garland. There are many ways you can use braided ribbon, just have fun with it!

Materials for Braiding Ribbon

  • Two types of ribbon (doesn’t have to be the same size and it is recommended that the ribbon is double-faced)
  • E-600 Glue or similar strong glue
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Directions for Braiding Ribbon

  1. Take Ribbon A (the ribbon that you choose to work with first) and fold the ribbon over about 1-inch (you need enough room to slide the other ribbon through the loop). Use your hot glue gun to glue down the piece, leaving a gap in between the ribbon or a loop.
  2. Complete step #1 for Ribbon B (your second ribbon).
  3. Start weaving! Pull Ribbon A through the loop you made with Ribbon B. Pull this ribbon until it is 1-inch sticking out.
  4. Create a loop with Ribbon B (don’t glue), then pull it through the loop sticking out from Ribbon A. Tighten and then create a loop with Ribbon B. Continue this process, switching ribbon to ribbon, until you reach the end of your ribbon strips.
  5. When you reach the end, glue Ribbon A to Ribbon B on the inside with your hot glue gun (this will attach the ribbons together and hide the glue). Glue the other side of your ribbon together as well. Gluing both sides insures that the ribbon is secure and won’t come undone.
  6. Using a pair of scissors, trim off any ribbon that is sticking out from the braid.

Braid Ribbon

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