Ribbon Video of the Week: DIY Large Gift Bows with Wired Ribbon

This week’s Ribbon Video of the Week is┬ájillianavery82’s How to Make a Simple Bow with Wired Ribbon on YouTube. Jill walks you through on how to make a voluminous bow out of wired ribbon. It’s easy to follow and repeat for your own beautiful bow. This bow is quite large and would look wonderful on a gift box or for decorating your home.

Beautiful Bow from Jill

Watch her video for the full instructions on how to make this simple bow:



  1. Leave the ribbon on the spool. Pull out about 10 inches of the ribbon from the spool. You’ll need to keep pulling ribbon as you go through the steps.
  2. Fold the ribbon right and onto itself (about 4-inches of a strip)
  3. Fold the ribbon again to the right, 3/4s the amount (about 7-inches), so that the start of the first fold is a little above the middle
  4. Keep folding the bow to the right and onto itself (about 7 inches). Be sure and press the bow down firmly each time to keep the shape. The number of times you fold it, the bigger your bow will be in volume. And the length of your bow is the size of the folds you are making. To get Jill’s exact look, fold your ribbon 8 times.
  5. Once you’ve folded your ribbon 8 times, cut your ribbon off the spool with scissors. Cut a little above the halfway point (about 3/4 up from the side that is folded).
  6. Flatten the ribbon to create firm creases.
  7. Fold the ribbon in half onto itself. Press firmly down. This is to help you figure out the halfway point.
  8. Once you have a crease at the halfway point, use your scissors to make two slits (one at the top of the ribbon and one at the bottom of the ribbon) in the middle. Make sure that both slits are not touching (about 1/2″ inch in).
  9. Cut another strip of ribbon about 5-inches. Use this ribbon strip to tie a knot in the middle of your folded ribbon piece. You want the knot to be right where the slits are; make sure your knot sits comfortably in the slits.
  10. Tighten the knot slowly to avoid ripping the ribbon. Once the ribbon is secure, turn the folded ribbon over, and start pulling out the folded ribbon from your stack. The first ribbon loop you pull out will be the middle of your ribbon bow.
  11. Continue to pull each loop out, shaping each loop as you go and pulling it towards the center loop. Once each loop is pulled out, you can go around the bow and shape each loop. You’ll start to see a beautiful bow transforming. Keep it up and your bow will be complete!
  12. (Optional) Add an embellishment on the front – you can use a die-cut flower, a fabric flower, buttons, rhinestones, or another fun things! Just have fun with it.

For more tutorials from Jill Foster, head to her blog Stamping Inspired.

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