Ribbon Spotlight: Mesh Fabric

Technically, today’s Ribbon Spotlight, is not actually a ribbon; but we thought our readers could use a small break and a fabulous introduction to…Mesh Fabric! So today, we decided to highlight the rambunctious mesh fabric – what it is, what to use it for, and why we love it.

Mesh Fabric

Mesh Fabric 101

Mesh Fabric is made from plastic fibers that are laid down randomly to create an intricate and detailed pattern. These plastic fibers are then fused together to create a cohesive fabric. This mesh fabric is slightly see-through and water proof. Mesh fabric is different from its softer brother “tulle”, since it’s made from plastic and therefore has a much harderĀ  looking exterior.

Who Uses Mesh Fabric?

The simple answer: anyone and everyone. Mesh Fabric is fun to work with as a crafter, an artist, a business owner, or other occupations. Most commonly, florists use mesh fabric to wrap their floral masterpieces in. Since the fabric is waterproof, it’s much more durable than other types of fabric. And with its see-through texture, it’s sure to not take away from the beautiful roses, orchids, and other flowers it’s showing off.

That being said, everyone can use a little bit of mesh fabric in their lives. This popular type of fabric is being used all sorts of ways like creative packaging and display uses. Here are some of our favorite mesh fabric projects:

Naptime is the New Happy Hour‘s Mesh Fabric Wreath

Mesh Fabric Wreath from Naptime is the New Happy Hour

Fire Farm Lighting‘s Mesh Fabric Lamp (For sale, but I’m sure you could make one!)

Mesh Fabric Lamp from Fire Farm Sea of Shoe‘s Mesh Fabric Shoes (Not sure how these were made, but they are adorable!)

Mesh Fabric Shoes from Sea of Shoes

Why do we love Mesh Fabric?

Did you look at those pair of shoes? How could we not?!?! Mesh Fabric is very versatile compared to other fabrics. Not to mention its water-proof capabilities put this fabric at the top of its class. Mesh fabric is becoming widely used for wreaths and decoration. This specific mesh ribbon comes in such playful colors like hot pink, red, apple green, and turquoise that you can make a wreath for every season of the month. There are so many ways you can shape and decorate with fabric mesh that our minds are racing with ideas. If you’ve worked with mesh fabric, let us know with a comment what you accomplished. What do we love more than mesh fabric? Hearing from our readers!

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