Ribbon Spotlight: Iridescent Curling Ribbon

This new blog series called, “Ribbon Spotlight” aims to introduce you to the latest and trendiest ribbon on the market right now. Today’s pick is the Iridescent Curling Ribbon in white that comes in 250 yards length and 3/16” width. This shiny and white iridescent curling ribbon is covered in a lacquered sheen coat on one side to give it a snow-resembling effect.

Due to its white color, this iridescent curling ribbon is a winning contender for weddings and other formal occasions. And you can guarantee that it’s resemblance to a Winter Wonderland will make this iridescent curling ribbon a must-have when the holidays arrive.

White Iridescent Curling Ribbon

Here are some wonderful crafts you can make using the Iridescent Curling Ribbon:

Curling Ribbon Coasters

Learn how you can make a beautiful curling ribbon coaster here. Be aware that this craft is tedious, but the results are rewarding!

Curling Ribbon Coasters

Happy Birthday Curling Ribbon Wreath

Take a cue from Our Forever House and make this magnificent Curling Ribbon Wreath. All you have to do is use a wreath-shaped Styrofoam and start gluing your curling ribbon pieces all over. The kookiest, the better.

Happy Birthday Curling Ribbon Wreath

Curling Ribbon Cake Topper

This craft from Sweeter than Sweets looks charming! It looks so easy and fun to make. Just curl long pieces of ribbon and tie to two straws. Make sure you create layers with each curling ribbon strip.

Curling Ribbon Cake Topper

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4 Comments to "Ribbon Spotlight: Iridescent Curling Ribbon"

  1. courtney says:

    love the happy birthday pennant would like to know where you got it and did u use pre-made curly ribbon

  2. admin says:

    Courtney, Thank you for the comment. We love it too. For the full tutorial on how to make it, head to Sweeter than Sweets Blog: http://howsweeteritis.blogspot.com/2011/06/korker-cake-banner-tutorial.html

    She curls her own ribbon. :)

  3. courtney says:

    i’m sorry i must not have been clear in my first reply i’m looking for the happy birthday pennant on the curly ribbon wreath i’v been to 5 different stores in my area looking for something similar can’t seem to find one just wondering if its something i could order thanks again

  4. admin says:


    The Happy Birthday pennant is not sold here. I’m truly sorry. The blogger Our Forever House most likely made her own pennant with fabric, sewing, and iron-on stickers. Head to her blog to see more rainbow themed birthday party ideas: http://ourforeverhouse.blogspot.com/2011/06/rainbow-pool-party-part-2.html.

    Sorry I could not be of more service to you. Good luck on your hunt! Alisha at Ribbonscom

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