Ribbon Spotlight: Chevron Ribbon

For Tuesday’s Ribbon Spotlight, we bring you (drum roll please) the lovely Chevron Ribbon. This grosgrain ribbon is a bright and saturated dual color ribbon that features the chevron symbol on it. It’s two-sided pattern enables the design to be seen from both sides. It’s narrow for crafts and the “V” shaped pattern is intricately woven (not printed) for quality results.  It comes in Red/Lime, Dark Blue/Purple, Purple/Tangerine, and Purple/Orchid colors.

Chevron Ribbon

The Chevron insignia can be seen in artifacts dating back to 1800 BC in Ancient Rome. It is widely known for it’s connection to the military and ranking. And recently, it has become the trendiest design on the market. Everyone, from crafter to college student, is using the trendy Chevron insignia to decorate.

So what can you use this Chevron Ribbon for? Here’s some crafts that would really make this ribbon pop and make you stand out from the crowd.

Chevron Ribbon Crafts

Forget the standard shoelaces that come with your pair of sneakers. Switch them out with Chevron ribbon and you’ll have something that’s spunky and fun to rock like this plaid pattern shoelace photo from Country Living.

Chevron Ribbon Shoelaces


Greeting cards could use some color with some Chevron Ribbon. Look at this design from The Mango Boys and Me blog. Chevron print will jazz up any boring ribbon design and leave the recipient smiling.

Chevron Ribbon Greeting Card

Gift Packaging is always a big hit when it comes to Chevron Ribbons. I really dig this photo from Pinterest. It’s a gorgeous mixture of soft and bold, and it’s really easy to recreate. Just glue lace ribbon behind the Chevron Ribbon, tie around your package, and you’re done! We’re itching to try this gift wrapping technique soon.

Chevron Ribbon Gift Packaging

Jewelry and Ribbons go hand in hand. Check out this Chevron Ribbon Bracelet from Twilly Pop. All you have to do is use a thread and needle. Poke the needle through the ribbon first, create a loop using your needle, attach a pearl, and continue the process. The Chevron insignia really makes this bracelet bold yet delicate. I would pair this bracelet with a black dress for evening; although, the fun print can also go well with daytime.

Chevron Ribbon Bracelet



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