Ribbon Spotlight: Burlap Ribbons

Burlap Ribbons Today’s Tuesday Ribbon Spotlight features Burlap Ribbons or Mesh Ribbons. This natural-looking ribbon is great for Fall crafts and provides a very earthy feeling to any project. This natural ribbon looks rough for outdoor fun and loosely woven to resemble burlap. Whether you are having a rustic wedding or want to celebrate fall, this burlap ribbon is the right choice for you. Its unfinished edges give it an outdoor and fall feel.

You can opt for the Natural mesh ribbon or you can go for dyed mesh ribbons in colors of white, burgundy, red, sage, seafoam, orange, lime, black, or silver. The color really depends on the purpose you would use your burlap ribbons.

Here are some great crafts you can make with this burlap ribbon.

Burlap Ribbon Crafts

Burlap ribbons are gaining popularity in the wedding circuit, especially when it comes to Ranch-style or outdoor weddings with a rustic charm. Ruffled posted this photo of burlap ribbon being used for groom and bride chair backings. All you would need to do is cut the burlap ribbon, paste a printed sign (you can use wood for an even more rustic look) and brown ribbon to create the trim on both sides. Easy to do!

Chair Backings from Ruffled

Decorating with burlap ribbon is also a great idea! That’s so Cuegly! made a wonderful burlap ribbon bow that you can use on gift packaging or as a hairbow. I think it would also make a lovely decoration, especially if you make a bunch of them. I can see them getting hung from a chandelier or a Christmas tree for a rustic look. Either way, she breaks down the steps on how to make this lovely burlap bow on her site, and it’s very easy to follow.

Burlap Ribbon Flower from That's So Cuegly

Who needs satin ribbon when you can use burlap ribbon for floral arrangements? The softness of the flowers and the roughness of burlap ribbon make a lovely combination. This photo from Catch my Party is a great floral center piece to marvel. To steal the look, just paste on your burlap ribbon to a mason jar. Then tie a red and white checkered ribbon. This look is perfect for an outdoor picnic or for a casual party.

Burlap Ribbon Floral Centerpiece

Looking for something more than just the standard photo backdrops? This unique burlap ribbon backdrop from Wedding Chicks is quite dramatic and gorgeous. It’s a mixture of glam and rustic. We recommend mixing in some dark burgundy or forest green to create a fantastic Christmas-themed backdrop. That way when your guests arrive to your Christmas party you can snap a photo that’s truly wonderful and rustic to keep or send as a thank you note.

Burlap Ribbon Backdrop



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3 Comments to "Ribbon Spotlight: Burlap Ribbons"

  1. Love the colours the Burlao Ribbon comes in! Burlap has come a long way and is so versatile. Can’t wait to create some beautiful projects with the bright colours!

  2. Guest says:

    Burlap Bag Lady, glad you like the colors! It was a fun post to write. Let us know when you complete a project with some burlap ribbons. We’d love to feature it on our blog. – Alisha at Ribbons.com

  3. […] like we said in our Burlap Ribbon post, burlap is becoming all the rage this fall and winter season. The texture and color of burlap […]

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