Ribbon Spotlight: Baker’s Twine

With oven-hot apple pie and pumpkin pie images dancing around our head, it’s no wonder that Baker’s Twine was chosen as our Ribbon Spotlight of the week. Side note: we cannot wait for a Thanksgiving feast! So we thought we would introduce you to Baker’s Twine and all the lovely crafts you can accomplish with this unique ribbon-like product while our tummies growl.

Uses for Baker’s Twine

The popularity of Baker’s Twine has grown in the last few years as crafters and packagers have discovered the ornate and adorable look Baker’s Twine can add to any project or gift package. Originally, Baker’s twine was used for adorning around freshly baked loaves and for tying around the familiar white cake box. The twine would keep the box closed as the buyer scoured along home from the Baker’s.

Baker's Twine Pastry Box

Photo from Mcillecespot

Most Common Baker’s Twine

Baker’s Twine can come in a number of different colors that are usually paired with the iconic white. The most renowned color combination is red and white, but you can find many more different colors on the market like green and white, yellow and white, or hot pink and white.

Red Baker's Twine


Traditions with Baker’s Twine

In Romania, there is a custom to wear Baker’s Twine on the first day of Spring (March 1st). The wearer hangs a trinket or coin tied with red and white string. Once the flowers bloom, the trinket is then tied to a flowering branch for good luck. (Thanks Poppy Talk Handmade Artist for this tip!)

Baker’s Twine Crafts

Baker’s Twine is growing popularity in the craft world and you’ll see it a lot this Christmas season, especially paired with kraft wrapping paper. Baker’s Twine adds a delicate touch to any gift packaging and a modern flare to any craft project. Baker’s Twine is even being used in the wedding circuit with brides and grooms opting to use Baker’s Twine on their invitations. And when you roll or wrap Baker’s Twine a couple of times, the pattern is gorgeous! Just look at all the fun things you can make with Baker’s Twine: Baker's Twine Crafts

Photos from The Twinery, the Knotty Bride, Day Designs, Lolly Jane, & Crafts Unleashed

Baker’s Twine Products


This Baker’s Twine comes in a variety of colors from green (my personal favorite) to Orchid. These spools are made up of four cotton strands twisted together to make a beautiful Baker’s Twine that could be used for any bakery items. This item comes in 240 yards at a great price.

Unpolished Baker's Twine

Looking for Baker’s Twine that’s more earthy looking? This unpolished cotton Baker’s Twine is durable and economical. This twine would be great for outdoor projects or eco-friendly packaging.

Now let’s start crafting!

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  3. […] advanced, and it only takes 15 minutes to complete one mini ornament. Because of the unique look of Baker’s Twine, these ornaments are chic and trendy for the holiday […]

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