Ribbon for Wedding Cakes

Let’s face it; the wedding cake is the climax of the wedding reception. You have spent many months planning your wedding down to the last detail. The ceremony went exactly as you planned; it was fantastic. After the “I Do’s;” it’s time for the reception. When they roll out that cake, your guests are expecting something as exciting and beautiful as the ceremony. Adding ribbon to your wedding cake can make your cake, not only beautiful, but unique as well. I know what you may be thinking, “Ribbons on a cake, really?” Oh yes!

Traditional Wedding

Are you having a traditional wedding? Turn that ordinary cake into one that people will be talking about for years. It is simple and elegant, but there is beauty in the simplicity. Adding a couple of bows made from 1 ½” Cast-Over Wired Satin ribbon can make your traditional wedding cake more beautiful and unique.

Wired Satin Ribbon for Wedding Cakes

Glam Wedding

Does fabulous and glamorous describe your wedding theme? If so, your cake needs to be just as glamorous as the rest of your wedding. Trim your cake with some 1 ½” Rhinestone cake ribbon. Also known as jewel ribbon or diamond mesh ribbon, these ribbons are made of 1/8″ indented faceted holes that sparkle. It will turn your cake into the centerpiece of the reception. This example of a glam cake is from Kara Kidz Cake and is quite beautiful!

Jewel Ribbon for Wedding Cakes


Outdoor Wedding

Just by adding ribbon to your wedding cake, you bring the WOW factor out of the cake. Having an outdoor wedding? Some flowers and ribbon trim is all you need to make your cake extraordinary. Wrapping 7/8″ Grosgrain ribbon to the base of each layer brings your cake to life. The grosgrain pattern brings depth and style to the cake.

Grosgrain Ribbon for Wedding Cakes

Bold Wedding

Do you want to wow your guests? Are you saying no way to a traditional wedding? Then this might be the cake for you. Try adding a 1 ½” Satin ribbon in a bold color to your cake. It will look as if each tier is wrapped up as a present for your guest’s taste bubs. Top the cake off with icing flowers or use real flowers instead to give it that little extra something!

Satin Ribbon for Wedding Cakes



Sweethearts Wedding

Maybe some of these cakes are a little over the top on the ribbons for you? Try a trim of 3/8″ Madeline Spiral ribbon with a string or two of Pearl Heart Bead string.

Ribbon trim for wedding cakes

Cupcake More Your Wedding Style?

Have you been looking at the cakes above and said to yourself, “These are still just too traditional”? Take the plunge into the exciting world of Cupcake Wedding Cakes! Not only can you decorate the cupcakes themselves to your liking, you can also choose the style, shape, size, and color of the baking cups. You’re not done yet! Decorate the cupcake tower with ribbon and add some 3/8″ Picot Edged Satin ribbon as trim.

Picot Edge Ribbon for Wedding Cupcakes

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