Ribbon for Hair bows

One of the more prominent uses of ribbon is to make hair bows for little girls. From korker bows, to  boutique bows, to double bow hairbows, the hair bow phenomenon isn’t going anywhere and, with the popularity of Pinterest, is growing at an even more rapid speed. Moms and grandmothers everywhere are learning how to make adorable hairbows for their daughters and granddaughters. And we’re going to show you the ribbon that makes the best hair bows.

Grosgrain Ribbon

Almost all hair bows are made from grosgrain ribbon with only a handful of exceptions. The reason? Grosgrain ribbon is easy to shape, heavier in fabric to keep its shape, and provides a good grip for gluing onto alligator clips. The grooves seen on grosgrain ribbon make the ribbon much more pliable to adjust, hold, and glue. The glue seeps into the bumps on the ribbon and therefore creates a stronger hold. It can be difficult to glue other types of ribbon onto metal because of how smooth the metal is, but grosgrain ribbons make it a breeze to create beautiful hair bow pieces.

Ribbon for Hair bows

When it comes to hair bows, fun patterns on grosgrain ribbons mixed with solid colors is the way to go. It adds dimension and some playful fun. Depending on the type of hair bow you are making, you will need a certain size of ribbon.

Polka Dots Grosgrain Ribbon

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Solid Color Grosgrain Ribbons

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Popular Hair Bow Video Tutorials

To help you make a hair bow, watch one of the video tutorials below that will show you step-by-step on how to make a certain type of hair bow. These are our favorite YouTube hair bow videos out there because they make the hair bow making process look easy that anyone of any craft level can make. If you end up making one of the hair bows featured in these videos, leave us a comment below on which one. We love to hear from our fans! Thanks for reading.

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