What is Raffia Ribbon?

Origin of the Raffia Ribbon.

Raffia ribbon is made from raffia strands that are stripped and dried from palm trees of the genus Raphia located in Madagascar and East Africa. The origin of raffia ribbon dates back to the 1890’s.

What is Raffia Ribbon?

Raffia ribbon is twisted strands of raffia. The appearance of raffia ribbon is often compared to strong and natural-looking grass. Raffia ribbon can be pulled apart to make nicer looking bows, dyed to a specific color, or can be wonderful for gift packaging.

Uses of the Raffia Ribbon.

Raffia strands can be woven like straw to make baskets, tied like ribbons, or used for shipping and packing goods. The long strands of raffia and its durability make it a great crafting supply. Crafters use raffia ribbon in replace of fabric, cord, grass, and stuffing. Raffia ribbon is easy to dye and gives a wonderful and natural look to any project.

It’s sustainability to the moisture also makes raffia ribbon a must-have for any outdoor project, like a wreath or garden sign.

Different Types of Raffia Ribbon.

Raffia Ribbon – Matte Colors

Matte raffia ribbon has an outer coat of quality rayon that gives crafters an array of colors to work with. Choose from colors like Coral Raffia Ribbon, Daffodil Raffia Ribbon, and more.

Raffia Ribbon - Matte Colors

Raffia Ribbon – Pearlized Colors

Pearlized Raffia Ribbon has a synthetic rayon finish that makes the raffia strands shine. The ribbon loses its natural appearance and more closely resembles the look of ribbon.

Raffia Ribbon - Pearlized Colors

Real Natural Raffia Fiber

From the island of Madagascar, Real Natural Raffia Fiber is pulled from the leaves of the palm fronds. This natural raffia fiber can be artificially colored and are great for stuffing gift baskets, presents, and more.

Real Natural Raffia Fiber

Colored Raffia Bows With Wire Ties

Raffia bows with wire ties are great for tying on gift bags. The natural-appearance of Raffia Bows pars well with holidays such as Halloween, Easter, and more.

Colored Raffia Bows with Wire Ties

Three In One Pearlized Raffia

With three colors on one spool, you can make fun color combinations with your raffia ribbon. Each spool contains 100 yards of three strand raffia. The thinness of this raffia ribbon makes it a wonderful choice for gift wrapping and decorating.

Three In One Pearlized Raffia

Raffia Ribbon Crafts

These adorable mini broomsticks are made of raffia ribbon and can be used as table decorations and place cards. What a lovely idea for fall! And if you’re having a Halloween party, making mini witches’ hats to accompany these brooms would be a cute idea as well.

Raffia Ribbon Broomstick Placecards by Jessica Christman

The deep rich color of raffia ribbons make it an easy choice for gift wrapping. Just look at Gina Tepper’s Valentine’s Day gift wrap. It’s red and very romantic. Raffia ribbon bows are a huge trend right now because the strands can be easily pulled apart to create volume.

Valentine's Day Gift Wrap with Raffia Ribbon by Gina Tepper

With raffia ribbon’s durability, it makes it the top choice for outdoor crafts. Learn how to make your own tree ornaments with Jodi Kahn’s Raffia Tree ornament tutorial. With all the color choices of Raffia Ribbon, these ornaments would be beautiful for an outdoor wedding.

Raffia Ribbon Tree Ornaments by Jodi Kahn Raffia ribbon’s natural look are wonderful for celebrating the fall season. When pumpkin patches, hayrides, and Halloween are at its peak, look to raffia ribbon to create seasonal decorations. Tall Mouse made this Fall themed Raffia ribbon wreath that’s gorgeous.

Raffia Wreath from Tall Mouse

  If you’re having an outdoor wedding, raffia ribbon is a must. This beautiful butterfly wedding cake looks so realistic with raffia ribbon adornments and flowers.

Raffia Ribbon Wedding Cake

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