New Herringbone Ribbons – Looks like Chevron Pattern!

From the moment we saw these Herringbone Ribbons, we immediately fell head over heels. From the soft texture, to the chevron-resembling woven design, to the vibrant colors, our hearts stopped. If you are not familiar with the Herringbone weave, it looks very similar to grosgrain ribbon, but instead of straight-across ridges; the Herringbone weave has a diagonal pattern that looks very similar to the chevron pattern.

Herringbone Weave Ribbons

The pattern is very subtle and can only be seen when one looks up-close at the ribbon. But this detail makes this ribbon look even more chic and luxe. This is one of the top ribbon choices that trendsetters are using for gift packaging nowadays. And we are happy to sell them too. You can buy these wonderful ribbons in 3/8″, 5/8″, or 1-1/2″ sizes. We have tons of vibrant colors available like Black, Ivory, Light Gold, Hunter Green, Delphinium, and more. See the photo below for all the colors we have in stock.

Herringbone Weave Ribbons

Comes on 25 yard and prices range from $2.80 to $6, depending on size. Hurry and grab yours today before these gorgeous ribbons are gone.


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