Mustache Party Ideas

Every man’s smile looks ten million times better with a slight twitch of a mustache. True story; mustaches are all the hipster rage right now. We’ve even featured this iconic symbol on a gift box with our DIY Mustache Gift Box tutorial from March. What a fun gift box to bring to the theme of today’s blog post – Mustache Party ideas. Any man in your life, big or tall, will love having a mustache party to celebrate their birthday or other grand occasions. And we’ve made it as easy as possible by gathering up our favorite Mustache party ideas.

Mustache Party Invitations

Set the scene for this playful party by imitating one of these Mustache party invitations. Super creative! Click on image to enlarge.

¬† Mustache Party Invitations Photos from Mcswaindesign, jbeancreations, Kara’s Party Ideas, Blush Printables, Plucky Momo,

Mustache Party Decorations

The iconic look of mustaches will make a wonderful party decoration. You’ll want to plaster the mustache on everything! And we won’t stop you. Here are some great mustache decorations we found.

Mustache Party Banners

Photo from: Any Occasion Banners

Mustache Party Photos on Wall

Photo from Zoom Theory

Mustache Party Signs

Photo from Belva June

Mustache Party Decorations

Mustache Party Favors

Although I am sure they will always remember your mustache bash, here are some great party favors that will make their mustaches smile.

Mustache Party Favors

Photo from UCreate

Mustache Chocolate Lollipops

Photo from The Journey of Parenthood

Mustache Lollipops

Photo from Orange Slice Studio on Etsy

Mustache Party Goody Bags

Photo from Kid’s Birthday Parties

Mustache Vintage Sodas

Photo from Little Miss Momma

Mustache Party Games

Give guests some mustache party fun by throwing one or more of these games at your bash.

Stick the Mustache Blow up a photo of the birthday boy, blindfold each guest, and have them stick mustaches on the photo. Closest one to birthday boy’s lips wins! (Idea from Birthday Express)

Guess the stache

Pick famous movie stars that have iconic mustaches. Cut their photo in half and have guests guess the actor. Most right guesses wins (Idea from The Garness Clan).



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