Make Your Own Necklace Jewelry Holder

Hi, Ribbons.com readers! My name’s Courtney and I’m here today to walk you through how to make this necklace jewelry holder. I made this necklace jewelry holder after I saw a similar one on Pinterest, but I came up with a fun and modern twist by adding a ribbon border instead of the expensive wooden one that was used. Right now, this necklace jewelry holder is taking care of all my precious necklaces and showcasing my fabulous taste in jewelry.

  How to Make a Necklace Jewelry Board

What’s great about this necklace jewelry holder is that it is large enough to keep long necklaces from tangling and it’s very easy to take off one necklace without disturbing the others and put it on while running out the door. You can even color coordinate your necklaces, like gold chains on one knob and silver chains on another. You can really have fun with this necklace jewelry holder, and I highly recommend making it to match your room and your style – just use my tutorial as a stepping stone to really get creative with it!

Materials to Make Your Own Necklace Jewelry Holder

  • Nine Cabinet Knobs (you can match or mismatch) – great places to find knobs are Amazon, Cost Plus, and Lowe’s
  • One 24″ x 48″ pegboard (I purchased mine at Home Depot)
  • Ribbon (I used Paper Mart’s Two-Tone Wired Purple and Black Grosgrain ribbon)
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
  • Embellishments (You can add whatever embellishments you like on the sides; I used a butterfly and flower embellishment that I got from Michael’s)
  • Scissors
  • Drill and screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Spray Paint (if you want to change the background color like I did!)

Directions on How to Make Your Own Necklace Jewelry Holder

  1. (Optional) Spray paint the board with the color you want. Allow 24 hours to dry before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Cut two 26-inches strips and two 50″ strips of ribbon for the border of the pegboard. Using your hot glue gun, make a dot in the far right corner of the pegboard and run one ribbon strip across to the other side (use the smaller ribbon size for the top and bottom and the larger strip for the sides). Use another small hot glue gun dot in the corner. Continue this process until all four sides of the pegboard are covered with a ribbon border. Fold over extra ribbon to the back.
  3. Attach your cabinet knobs by removing the backing, placing the metal through one of the pegs on the pegboards, and then by screwing in the backing as tight as possible. I used a screwdriver to really tighten the knobs in at the end. Some knobs came with longer screws on the back, so I had to buy some shorter screws like 1/2″ and I used washers on the back to help keep the knobs stable.
  4. Continue adding your pegboards across and in rows. For myself, I added 3 knobs on the top, 3 knobs in the middle, and 3 knobs on the bottom. You can add yours as best you see fit. What’s great about using knobs is that you can move them around at any time, so if you get a super long necklace you can move the bottom knob over a few notches.
  5. Add on any embellishments you wish for the border. Just use your hot glue gun to secure all embellishments. Make Your Own Necklace Jewelry Holder
  6. Hang up your board by using your drill and screws. You’ll want to lift up the ribbon a little bit, put in a screw from the front and then drill through. Use longer screws for a more stable result. For the most durability, add 8 screws – one in each corner and one in the middle of each side.
  7. Place your necklaces on the knobs and you’re done. What a fashionista!
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  1. Ishani says:

    Amazing job Courtney!

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