How to Make a Ribbon Flower

Here is another tutorial on creating cute accessories with ribbon.  This ribbon flower can be glued to hair barrettes, headbands, pins or even flip flops.

Ribbon Flower

Materials for Making a Ribbon Flower

  • 3/8” ribbon (any color or type)
  • Alligator pinch clip
  • Button
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Measuring tape

How to Make a Ribbon Flower


  1. Cut a strip of ribbon that is 4.5” in length and heat seal the edges.
  2. Starting with one end of the ribbon strip, cover an inch of it with hot glue.
  3. Open the alligator clip and slide the ribbon inside of it. The hot glue should be sticking to the top prong of the clip. How to Make a Ribbon Flower
  4. Put some glue on the top of the clip and wrap the ribbon over the hot glue.
  5. Place a dab of glue on the inside of the pinch part of the clip and run the ribbon over that part as well. How to Make a Ribbon Flower
  6. Place some hot glue on the remaining part of the ribbon and glue it to the bottom of the clip. You should now have a lined alligator clipped. How to Make a Ribbon Flower
  7. Cut four pieces of ribbon that are each 8 inches long and heat seal the edges.
  8. Take one of the ribbon pieces and form a loop by overlapping the ends together. Secure it in place with a dab of hot glue. How to Make a Ribbon Flower
  9. Form an “8” shape with the loop by placing a dab of glue in the middle of the loop, then twisting the ribbon slightly as you press down.
  10. Repeat steps 8-9 for the remaining pieces of ribbon. How to Make a Ribbon Flower
  11. Once you have all four of your figure eights, stack them so that they resemble a flower shape.
  12. Use hot glue to secure them in place.
  13. Glue the button to the center of your flower piece.
  14. Take your lined hair clip and place a dab of glue on top. Press it onto the back of your flower piece. How to Make a Ribbon Flower


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