How to Tie a Gift Bow – Six Different Ways!

Our go-to gift bow is the classic bow – two loops, crisscross, under, and then pull. But there are actually a number of great gift bows out there that you can make that are just as easy as the classic bow. And in this post, we are going to show you five different ways you can make a gift bow for a present. Let us know which one is your favorite with a comment below. Now, let’s get to crafting!

Classic Gift Bow

This is the most common type of gift bow to make, and most of us, learn how to make this type of bow when we learn how to tie our shoes. Take a piece of ribbon (the longer the ribbon, the bigger the bow), create two loops, crisscross the loops, bring one of the loops through the hole to the other side, and pull to form the gift bow. Very easy-peasy!

How to Make a Classic Bow


Layered Gift Bow

Depending on the sizes of ribbon you use, you could use this bow design as a hairbow as well. To get started, gather three different sizes of ribbon (like 1-1/2″, 7/8″, 5/8″). Cut the same amount of each ribbon (like 3″, if you want your bow smaller, cut a smaller piece). Cut the corners into an inverse V-shape on all sides. Stack your ribbons from largest width to smallest width. Use a separate piece of ribbon and attach in the middle of the bow by tying in the back. If you wanted to get pristine creases on the bow (like in the bow in the photo), we recommend actually sewing the middle ribbon on.

How to Make a Layered Gift Bow

Bi-Colored Gift Bow

If you want to create some dimension to your bow, use this design that implements two colors of ribbons. Because of the volume, this is a great gift bow that can also be used to make hair bows with. First, gather two different sizes and colors of ribbons (like 1-1/2″ of pink and 5/8″ one of red). Sew or glue the smaller ribbon piece on top of the larger ribbon piece. Now, you have one piece to work with. Fold the ribbon to create a loop and glue both pieces together. To hide where the ribbon touched, wrap a separate piece of the ribbon in the middle.

How to Make a Bi-Colored Bow

One Layered Pom Pom Bow with Tails

Pom Pom bows are the fluffiest type of gift bows. And this one is just that! This pom pom bow does not feature all-around pom poms, but rather one layer of pom pom. To create this bow, you will need one very long piece of ribbon (20″ +, the longer the piece, the bigger the bow). Fold the ribbon in half to find the middle of the ribbon piece. In the very middle, twist the ribbon and create a ribbon loop. Do this for both sides and until you have three ribbon loops on each side of the bow. Once you are finished with the loops, hang the remaining ribbon down like tails. Use a separate piece of ribbon to tie in the middle and pull the ribbon together. You may need to cut the ribbon tails to be equal on both sides.

One Layered Pom Pom Bow with Tails | How To

Classic Pom Pom Bow

What defines a pom pom bow is large loops all around, from the top to the sides of the bow. The middle of the bow is completely hidden and to the recipient, they won’t be able to tell how you made it! Cut a long piece of ribbon (20″ or larger depending on the size you want). Lay the bow on top of itself and just layer it until you get around 10 loops (you could do more). Cut the ends of the ribbon on both sides. Tie an extra piece of ribbon or twine in the middle. Start pulling out the different layers of ribbon loops that you have grouped. As you pull, try to keep the bow even on all sides. If you have trouble making this bow, just buy a pre-made pom pom pull bow instead.

Classic Gift Bow | How To

Frilly Pom Pom Bow

This is a great gift bow for birthdays because it is very frilly and fun. You repeat the same first steps for making a Classic Pom Pom Bow – cut a long piece of ribbon, fold onto itself to create layers, tie in the middle with twine, and before you proceed, use your scissors and start cutting small pieces of the ribbon. Once you make your lines, continue the Classic Pom Pom way and pull out all the different layers of ribbon underneath the main ribbon. Your frilly pom pom bow will have the same shape as your Classic but with much more dimension created by the frills. Super girly!

Frilly Pom Pom Bow | How To


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