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How to Tie a Flat Ribbon onto a Greeting Card

Here’s a video tutorial on how to tie a flat ribbon onto a greeting card.  This is great for wedding invitations.

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Materials for Tying a Flat Ribbon onto a Greeting Card

  • Your choice of greeting card
  • Rectangular hole puncher, a double puncher if you have it
  • Your choice of flat ribbon, about 4 inches in length
  • Lighter to heat seal the ends of the flat ribbon

Instructions on How to Tie a Flat Ribbon onto a Greeting Card

  1. Using the hole puncher, punch two holes that are side-by-side on the card
  2. Take the flat ribbon and put an end through each one of the holes
  3. Pull the flat ribbon all the way through the holes until you have a flat center in the front
  4. Flip the card over and crisscross the flat  ribbon on the back. Take the ends of the flat ribbon, put them through the opposite hole, and pull them back to the front
  5. Cut the flat ribbon ends on an angle
  6. Use a lighter to heat seal the ends

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