How to Make Button Magnets

How to Make Button Magnets

To make this DIY craft, all you need is some spare buttons and magnets to create such cute button magnets! You can then plaster your button magnets all over the fridge, use them to hold up escort cards at a wedding, or use them to hold up your kid’s homework assignments. These button magnets only need a magnetic backing to stay up. And they are sturdy enough to hold sheets of paper and photos. If you are looking to hang up thicker items like cardboard or postcards, use stronger magnets than I used here. You can find stronger magnets at your local craft store.

Another variation of this DIY craft would be to use embellishments like fake butterflies or tiny bows, instead of buttons.

Materials to Make Three Button Magnets

  • 3 buttons
  • 3 magnets (must be smaller size than the buttons to hide its appearance)
  • Glue gun (optional depending on the magnets purchased) How to Make Button Magnets

I used this brand of magnets to make my buttons. Each magnet came with an adhesive backing, so I didn’t need to use a glue gun. If you purchase the same type or something similar, you will most likely not need to use the glue gun. The adhesive was plenty strong enough to hold the button even when hung on the fridge.

How to Make Button Magnets

Directions on How to Make Button Magnets

  1. Gather up all your supplies
  2. Match different sizes of magnets with buttons. Be sure to pick out magnet sizes that can perfectly hide behind the button. You don’t want people seeing the magnet behind the button.
  3. Take off the cover for the adhesive layer of your magnet and stick one button on top of the adhesive part. Press firmly down until adhesive has cemented. If your magnets do not have an adhesive backing, use a glue gun. Just glue a small dot in the middle of the magnet and press onto the button. Remove any glue that seeps through to the front. Be careful to not burn yourself. How to Make Button Magnets How to Make Button Magnets
  4. Repeat step 3 for the next two buttons. How to Make Button Magnets
  5. Add your button magnets to the fridge to hold up your precious of photos or a grocery list. This happens to be my favorite photo on the fridge right now. How to Make Button Magnets
  6. Have fun with it. How to Make Button Magnets
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