How to Make a Satin Ribbon Bookmark

Creasing the corners of a book can damage the pages. Leaving the book wide open and face down hurts the binding. Why not take five minutes and make a cute satin ribbon bookmark for yourself with ribbon and a paper clip? This satin ribbon bookmark is so easy and fun to make that you’ll want to make one for every member in your family or for every book on your shelf.

For our satin ribbon bookmark, we drew inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and decided to create a satin ribbon bookmark that would hop through the pages like our favorite character, the iconic white rabbit. And since it is 2012, we decided that white fur should really be updated to sparkly silver and hot pink instead. And therefore picked the below Satin Ribbons to work with.

Silver Hot Pink Ribbon

Polka dots, jungle green, or animal print ribbons – choose the printed satin ribbon of your choice for this craft tutorial.

Materials for 1 Satin Ribbon Book Mark

  • Satin ribbon (5/8” is the perfect size) – you’ll need around 5 inches
  • Scissors
  • 1 Giant paper clip
  • Two small rhinestones and glue gun (optional) Materials and Ribbon for Bookmark Tutorial


  1. Cut 1 strip of satin ribbon in a length of roughly 4.5”. The simple way to measure without using a measuring tape is to hold your paper clip side by side to the satin ribbon and measure out the length of two paper clips.
  2. Fold your satin ribbon strip in half, so that both ends are touching. Then cut the ends of the satin ribbon at an angle. We recommend cutting both at the same time to ensure both ends are matching. Hot Pink Ribbon for Bookmark Tutorial
  3. Keep the satin ribbon halfway folded and slip the folded side through the paper clip. Be sure that you are inserting the satin ribbon in the correct side of the paperclip. The side where the two ends of the paperclip are facing up is the correct side. Still unclear? Attach your paperclip to a nearby book to check which side is the right way. How to Make a Ribbon Bookmark
  4. Once you slip the folded side through the paper clip. Knot the paperclip by slightly opening the folded part and bringing the ends of the ribbon through the hole (just like our white rabbit travels down the hole!). How to Make a Bookmark with Ribbon
  5. Tighten your knot. And you’re finished! A Bookmark Made from Ribbons
  6. Add some rhinestones to your Satin Ribbon Bookmark Bunny with a glue gun if you wish. White Rabbit Bookmark made from Ribbons

Now, back to your novel.

Ribbon Bookmark

For another DIY ribbon bookmark that’s slightly more intricate, go to our blog post: How To Make Ribbon Bookmarks with Buttons.

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