How to Make a Mini Raffia Ribbon Christmas Tree

“O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree! Thy Raffia shine so brightly.” Yup, that is the song that will be playing in your head nonstop when you make our mini Raffia Ribbon Christmas tree this holiday season. Adding just the right amount of charm to any tabletop or Christmas decor, this Raffia Ribbon Christmas tree is a little bit rustic and a little bit rambunctious. Using three different colors of Raffia Ribbon really makes this Christmas tree shine.

Raffia Ribbon Christmas Tree

This craft is easy for beginners and advanced crafters alike. And only takes 20 minutes to complete one tree. Make three Christmas trees in different sizes to make a really nice set that can be used as table centerpieces for the holidays.

Materials to Make a Mini Raffia Ribbon Christmas Tree (Makes 1 Tree)

  • Scissors
  • Raffia Ribbon (I used three different colors – green, red, and light kraft)
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Off-white cardstock and star stencil or cookie cutter
  • Standard hole-punch
  • Cone-shaped foam (or you can even use an upside down snow cone holder to save money)

Directions on How to Make a Mini Raffia Ribbon Christmas Tree

  1. Start from the top of your cone-shaped foam, and wrap your first color of raffia ribbon across the top. Place only a little dot of hot glue every couple of turns to keep the raffia ribbon in place. Be careful to not burn yourself with the glue. You could also use craft glue instead. Make sure that as you turn that you are keeping each wrap closer to the last one. You don’t want the foam shape to be seen through the raffia ribbon. Raffia Ribbon Christmas Tree
  2. Continue to wrap the first color until you’ve reached 1/3 down the cone-shape. It doesn’t need to be perfectly 1/3 down, but if you want it to be perfect, then use a ruler and mark a faint line with a pencil on where you need to stop. Raffia Ribbon Christmas Tree
  3. Once you’ve reached 1/3 down the cone-shape, start with your second color. Mine was the light kraft raffia ribbon. Continue the process of wrapping and gluing until 2/3rds of the cone-shape is covered. Raffia Ribbon Christmas Tree
  4. Wrap your third color (mine was red) until you reach the end of the cone shape. If any of the raffia ribbon ends are sticking out, go back and glue them down again.
  5. Create your star topper by using a star stencil or cookie cutter. Trace the shape onto your cardstock and cut out the shape from your cardstock.
  6. Using your hole punch, punch two holes within 1/2″ from each other. Thread in three pieces of 6″ raffia ribbon pieces (I used each one of the colors that I used – red, green, and light kraft) through both holes. Create a simple bow in the front and then trim off any excess pieces to make the bow look nice. Raffia Ribbon Christmas Tree - Step 6
  7. Use your glue gun and glue your star onto the front of your raffia ribbon Christmas tree. And you’re finished! Place your raffia ribbon Christmas tree on your table top or to any special place you like. Raffia Ribbon Christmas Tree



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