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One of my favorite creatures of the night is ghosts. From spooky to as-cute-as-a-dimple Caspers, I heart all things ghostly. And since it’s Halloween time, I thought it would be fun to round-up all the “How to Make a Halloween Ghost” craft tutorials I found from the web and share them with you.

Last week, I posted a tutorial on how to make a Ghost Hairbow, which fits nicely with our theme for today. Click on the picture below, if you would like to learn on how to make a Ghost Hairbow for you, your daughter, or your granddaughter.

Ghost Hair Clip

Ghost for a Table

Make this floating ghost from Everyday is a Crafting Day! with a soda pop bottle, starch, cheese cloth, styrofoam ball, and other materials you can find around the house. The directions are quite easy to follow. All you need to do is create the ghost form – stick your styrofoam ball on top of your soda pop bottle. Lay the cheese cloth on top of the form and spray with starch. Once the starch dries, you’ll have a see-through ghost that’s frightful!

Ghost from Everyday is a Crafting Day

Ghost Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love edible ghosts? These cupcakes from Sweet Cupcakes are easy to bake/make and only require a steady hand. First, bake your cupcakes (you choose the flavor) then whip up some Cool-whip to get the texture of the ghosts. Then use a pastry bag and tip to create ghosts with curly tips. Finish the look with black-colored whipping cream or use chocolate chips for the eyes.

Ghost Cupcakes from Sweet Cupcakes

Ghost Cookies

Continuing with the food theme these Ghost cookies from Blonde designs are easy-peasy to create. Just purchase some Milano cookies at your grocery store. Whip up some white chocolate icing (simply melt white chocolate in the microwave) and start dipping! I would use small chocolate chips for the eyes. Put your ghostly concoction in a cellophane bag, create a label, and staple! This would be a fun treat for any kid to take to class.

Ghost Milanos from Blonde

Outdoor Ghosts

These quite large ghosts can be used for outdoor decorating. Made from a tomato cage, these ghosts look frightfully fun. According to Disney, you’ll need a tomato cage, two socks, two poles, 1 sheet, lights, and felted shapes for the eyes and mouth. It looks quite simple to set-up, just attach lights to your tomato cage using ties, then adhere your socks to the poles to create the arms, cover all of this with a sheet, and you’re done! Add felted eyes and mouth to complete the look.

Large Ghost from Disney

Ghost Dishtowel

I don’t know much about crocheting, so you’ll have to head to Sugar n’ Cream’s blog to read the full directions on how to make this ghost dishtowel. I just think it’s adorable! It would be wonderful if you can crochet it into a beanie for a baby instead.

Crocheted Ghost from Sugar N' Cream

Smaller Ghost for Table

The texture of this ghost from Made by Munchie’s Mama adds just the right girly touch. And you won’t believe what it is made out of! Cupcake Liners! Just crinkle your cupcake liners into flowers and start gluing onto a cone-shaped foam piece. The results are quite adorable! This ghost can haunt us anytime.

Cupcake Liner Ghost

Frugal Ghost

If frugal is where your head’s at, you’ll love this ghost tutorial from Rantin’ & Ravin’! These ghosts are made from paper plates, tulle, construction paper, and ribbon. This craft looks super easy that you’ll want to invite your kids to play in your craft room. Just decorate your paper plate with your black construction paper. Be sure and create different ghost faces. Then glue your tulle on the bottom, loop your ribbon on top to hang up your new buddy, and construct arms using construction paper. How cute!

Paper Plate Ghosts from Rantin' & Ravin'

Ghost for Kid’s Craft

Have a little baby with cute little piggies as toes? Use those bad boys to create these ghost feet from The Moody Fashionista. All you need is canvas, black paint, feet, and wiggly eyes. Paint the canvas black, then paint your kid’s feet white, stomp on the canvas, let dry, and add the finishing touches of wiggly eyes. As easy as 1,2,3!

Ghost Feet by the Moody Fashionista Ghost Costume

And I can’t forget the adorable ghost costume! This one is coming from Etsy user PoshPrincessCouture who used a white tulle skirt and t-shirt to create this look for a toddler. You can purchase the costume or create your own. Just replace the printed image with felt shapes instead. And don’t forget to add a hairbow in her hair for an even more adorable look.

Ghost outfit

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