How to Make a Brooch Bouquet

You’ve seen it in bridal magazines, all over Pinterest, and its one of the hottest trends of weddings – the brooch bouquet. Instead of a bridal bouquet made of fresh flowers, brides are looking for something that lasts longer – say until your own daughter gets married. At least, that is why I wanted to make a brooch bouquet for my wedding. For today’s blog post, I’m going to give you tips and a tutorial on how to make your very own brooch bouquet.

Brooch Bouquet

Tip #1: Don’t run to the vintage stores or antique stores to purchase all of your brooches. Because the trend is so popular, antique stores are raising their prices on brooches. If you buy all your brooches at antique stores, you’ll end up spending way too much.

Tip #2: Ask around! About 75% off my brooches came from family and friends who happened to have them in their jewelry case. If you still can’t get enough, ask family and friends to buy one for you because it would mean much more to you to represent them in your bouquet on your wedding day. You could also make it the only thing you ask friends and family to buy you for the bridal shower.

Tip #3: Don’t pick a color theme. If you pick a color theme, you’ll end up being restrained and it will cost even more because you have to be picky about which brooches you use. Multicolored brooch bouquets catch the light and photograph just as well as a single color bouquet.

Tip #4: Look for brooches that are more round or flower shaped. You don’t want brooches with too many holes in them (because you can see through). Speaking from experience, round brooches also help shape the bouquet better.

Tip #5: Have patience. You will have to wrap, unwrap, move things around, until you get it just right. This task is not for the inpatient.

Tip #6: Use the right wire. If you’re wire is too frail, it won’t hold the brooch up. Also, use gold wire for gold brooches and silver wire for silver brooches. You’ll see why in the tutorial below.

Tip #7: Don’t look at just flower brooches. I had butterflies, one dragonfly, one Cupid, and one heart with an arrow through it. These brooches were a hit among my guests.

Brooch Bouquet

To make a bouquet the size of the one in the photo (or the one i made), you’re going to need 25-30 brooches. Once you’ve collected all the brooches, read here for the full tutorial.


  • 25 to 30 Brooches – The more you have, the fuller you can make your bouquet.
  • Large geranium-resembling silk flower
  • 1-1/2″ Satin Ribbon (I used Paper Mart’s Antique White)
  • Satin Fabric
  • Wires
  • Floral Tape


  1. Cut the wire in 30″ pieces. Cut a ton of wire because each brooch will need about 2 pieces, maybe even more depending on the weight of the brooch.
  2. Fold the wire in half to make it two 15″ pieces on both sides with a small dent in the middle. This dent it what will be displayed on the front of the brooch.
  3. Start by looking at each brooch individually. How you wrap the brooch will vary depending on the style of the brooch. You want the wire that is showing in the front to blend into the brooch, yet you need it as close to the middle as possible to keep the brooch stable on the wire. You will need to find two such spots since you use two wires per brooch; you may need to use more if the brooch is heavy. For this butterfly brooch, I would stick the wires through the openings on both sides of its body. (If your brooch doesn’t have openings, wrap the wire on the backing; just be extra careful because backings aren’t very secure. You may need to glue the backing close before wrapping). Brooch Bouquet
  4. Stick on-side of the wire into the brooch through the front. And the other side of the wire through another part of the brooch. Pull both ends until the wire is tight in the front and blends into the brooch (Make sure you use gold wire for gold brooches and silver wire for silver brooches to hide the wire). Also, be careful with your eyes; you may want to wear an protective gear to avoid poking yourself.  Brooch Bouquet Brooch Bouquet

    Brooch Bouquet

    See you can’t even see the wire from the front!

  5. On the back of the brooch, start twisting the wires together. Pull as tight as you can when twisting. This helps the brooch stay stable.  Brooch Bouquet
  6. Once you have twisted about 2″ down, add another wire through a different part of the brooch (on the other side of the butterfly). Repeat step #4 and step #5. Now, you should have two wires twisted about 2″ down. Brooch Bouquet
  7. Now twist all four wires together, as tightly as you can. Continue this process until you get to the end of the wire. You just made the stem of your flower! Repeat steps #3 to #6 for each brooch. Brooch Bouquet
  8. Once all the brooches have been wired, wrap the wires with floral tape. This will prevent you from stabbing yourself when you work with them.
  9. Gather all your brooches and start looking at what brooches look good side-by-side.
  10. Start forming your bouquet by taking your silk flower and placing your brooches through the middle of the silk flower. The silk flower will help you keep the brooch shape round and will hide any empty spots. As you place each brooch, twist the end wires at the end. Once you have added all the brooches, you will have a thick collection of wires at the bottom where you will hold the bouquet. If you don’t like the placement, you will need to unwrap the bouquet and make changes. This part is tedious. photo
  11. Once you like the design, be sure to tighten your twisted wires as much as possible. Wrap the wires with floral wrap/duct tape (depending on the weight) and then wrap satin ribbon around the base; adhere the satin ribbon with a glue gun. To add a charming look, sew satin ribbon into long ruffles and pin or glue onto the bottom of your bouquet.

Quite charming!

How to Make a Brooch Bouquet Tutorial | Ribbons.com

You could even tie the bridesmaids bouquets with the bride’s by placing one brooch in their fresh flower bouquets like I did.




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