How to Create a Football Bow in Time for Kick-Off

Hike, Set, Go! Football season starts this weekend, and we made the perfect craft to celebrate the return of the NFL. Who said football is a man’s sport? Add this football bow to a headband, belt, or even a bowl of Ranch dip, and you’ll be celebrating the pigskin just right.

How to Create a Football Bow

Materials for Making a Football Bow

  • 1/4 inch Satin Ribbon (about 4 yards)
  • Football foam
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Lighter

Directions on How to Make a Football Bow

  1. Cut 12 pieces of ribbon from your spool using your measuring tape for accuracy. You’ll need 4 pieces of 12-inch ribbon, 4 pieces of 10-inch ribbon, and 4 pieces of 8-inch ribbon.
  2. Gently seal each end of your ribbon strips with a lighter. To avoid burning the ribbon, switch your lighter on and quickly run your ribbon end under the flame. You should only have it under the flame for less than a second.
  3. With your four 12-inch ribbon strips, start gluing both ends together using your glue gun. You will be creating four separate circles (see photo). How to Create a Football Bow
  4. Form each circle into a “figure 8” shape and glue to keep position. Be sure that the overlap is in the middle, so when you put your football on, it will be hidden.
  5. Glue one “Figure 8” shape onto the other “Figure 8” shape. How to Create a Football Bow
  6. Glue all four 12-inch pieces together. turning the “Figure 8” shapes to make a flower.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for your 10-inch ribbon strips and your 8-inch ribbon strips. You should end up with 3 ribbon flowers. How to Create a Football Bow
  8. Glue all three ribbon flowers together. Stack the 10-inch ribbon flower on top the 12-inch and the 8-inch on top of the 10-inch.
  9. Glue your football in the middle, and voila complete! How to Create a Football Bow

Now, back to the game!

How to Create a Football Bow

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