How to Make a Halloween Ribbon Wreath

The ghosts are calling, the ghouls are waiting, and the werewolves are howling! Get in the Halloween spirit and welcome all creatures of the night to your doorstep when you make this spooktacular Halloween Ribbon Wreath that features dangling spiders. Mwahaha.

How to Make a Halloween Ribbon Wreath

Materials to Make a Halloween Ribbon Wreath

  • ¬†Wreath Styrofoam Shape
  • 1 1/2″ Orange Wired Ribbon
  • 3/8″ Black Grosgrain Ribbon
  • 5/8″ Orange Satin Ribbon
  • Felt Spiders (or you can use plastic spiders)
  • Felt Spiderwebs (or you can substitute Halloween ribbon flowers instead)
  • 3D Halloween sticker (or you can substitute a wooden Welcome sign)
  • Glue Gun

Directions on How to Make a Halloween Ribbon Wreath

  1. Wrap your wreath Styrofoam in the 1 1/2″ orange wired ribbon. First, glue the ribbon to the Styrofoam, then wrap over and under until you cover the whole wreath. Cut the ribbon off the spool and glue the remaining piece down. Since the ribbon is wired, you only need one glue dot at the beginning and one at the end to keep the ribbon on. How to Make a Halloween Ribbon Wreath
  2. Using your black ribbon, wrap the ribbon around the wreath just like you did with the orange ribbon. Glue your first piece down, wrap under and over, until the whole wreath is covered. For the most aesthetically pleasing look, try to place the black ribbon over the edges of the orange ribbon. How to Make a Halloween Ribbon Wreath
  3. With your orange satin ribbon, make three strips over the wreath to be your spider webs. Choose the bottom of your wreath, then cute 24-inch strips of your ribbon. To tie on wreath, bring one end of your ribbon through the wreath, and tie a knot at the bottom. Continue this process until you have all three. How to Make a Halloween Ribbon Wreath
  4. Attach your 3D Halloween sticker or wooden sign to the bottom front. You’ll be able to hide the knots and it looks really cute. Use your glue gun! How to Make a Halloween Ribbon Wreath
  5. Glue on the rest of the embellishments. Place your spiders up and down their orange spiderweb ribbons and glue on your felt spiderwebs to look like rosettes (or glue on your Halloween flowers instead). This wreath is all about having Halloween fun, so feel free to pile on the extras How to Make a Halloween Ribbon Wreath .


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