How to Make a Grosgrain Ribbon Hair Bow

Here’s a great video tutorial on how to make a grosgrain ribbon hair bow:

Materials for Making a Grosgrain Ribbon Hair Bow:

Instructions on How to Make a Grosgrain Ribbon Hair Bow:

  1. Heat seal the ends of your 1 ½” grosgrain ribbon with a lighter by moving it across the edges of the ribbon.  This will prevent your ribbon from unraveling.
  2. Take the right side of the ribbon and form a loop with the tail facing down.
  3. Form a second loop by taking the ribbon from the other side (left hand side). Make sure that both loops are the same size.
  4. Create the third loop by forming a loop and tucking it under the shorter tail.
  5. Make the fourth loop by taking the remaining long tail and forming a loop by coming up and curving.  The other end of the ribbon (tail) should  be at the top and you should have 4 loops.
  6. Completely flip the bow upside down. The top tail should be at the bottom now.
  7. Create a three-fold-crease in the middle of the bow by pushing the top and the bottom together.
  8. Take the thread and wrap it around the middle to secure the bow. Make a knot with thread and clip off any excess string.
  9. Cut the tail of the ribbon at an angle.
  10. Take the alligator pinch clip and place some hot glue on the center of the clip. Glue the clip onto the back of the bow.
  11. Keeping the clip open, wrap some thread around the bow and the inside of the clip. Tie a secure knot. Clip off any excess thread.
  12. Open the hair clip again and put a dab of hot glue in the middle.
  13. Take the 5/8 inch ribbon and put the tip right on the glue.
  14. Holding the hair clip open, wrap the 5/8 inch ribbon around the bow tightly. Go around at least twice, glue the end and then cut off the excess ribbon.
  15. Take the lighter and run it across the end of ribbon.
  16. Clip off any loose threads and use the lighter to get rid of frays or excess glue.

Now, you have a grosgrain ribbon hair bow to wear!

Grosgrain Ribbon Hair Bow

















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