How to Make a Grosgrain Ribbon Bow

This mini grosgrain ribbon bow is quite simple to make, just follow our easy bow tutorial! And in less than 10 minutes, you’ll have a mini grosgrain ribbon bow to call your own. Glue your grosgrain ribbon bow onto a clutch, onto a jewelry-sized gift box, or onto a bobby pin, so your little princess can wear it to school. Whatever the occasion, a mini grosgrain ribbon bow adds an extra sparkle to anywhere you attach it.

Materials for Making a Grosgrain Ribbon Bow:

1)        Two different colors or patterns of grosgrain ribbons (12 inches of each)

2)        Glue gun

3)        Button, pearl, or any embellishment you want to place in the middle

4)        Scissors

How to Make a Grosgrain Ribbon Bow

Directions to Make a Grosgrain Ribbon Bow

1)        With your scissors, cut 2 strips of each grosgrain ribbon at 6 inches. Altogether, you should have 4 strips of 6-inch grosgrain ribbon pieces.

2)        Take 1 grosgrain ribbon strip.

3)        Fold one end towards the middle of the grosgrain ribbon. Hold your fingers steady.

4)        Fold the other end towards the middle. Make sure your second folding is on top.

5)        Glue the second folding onto the first folding. And the first folding onto the second folding.

6)        Hold in place with finger until glue is set.

How to Make a Grosgrain Ribbon Bow

7)        Repeat steps 2 through 6 for each grosgrain ribbon piece.

How to Make a Grosgrain Ribbon Bow

8)        Once all 4 pieces are folded and ready, place one grosgrain ribbon on top of the other to create an X (it works best if it is the same grosgrain ribbon color/pattern). Glue X together in the middle.

9)        Repeat step 8 for the other two grosgrain ribbon pieces.

10)   Then glue both grosgrain ribbon pieces together by putting a small dot of glue in the middle. You should see your grosgrain ribbon bow!

11)   Lastly, glue the embellishment of your choice in the middle.

How to Make a Grosgrain Ribbon Bow

Voila! Your grosgrain ribbon bow is ready to strut the town. Enjoy and let us know where you end up putting your mini grosgrain ribbon bow with a comment below.

How to Make a Grosgrain Ribbon Bow

How to Make a Grosgrain Ribbon Bow

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