Fall Ribbons & Crafts

The air is becoming chillier, the leaves are starting to drop, and your scarf is itching for a play-date. Yes, fall is around the corner! And we’ve rounded up the fall ribbons and fall crafts you’ll want to make before it’s here in full swing.

What are Fall Ribbon Colors?

Fall colors complement the colors of the fallen leaves. Chocolate browns, Forrest greens, Burgundy reds, and burnt oranges are wonderful colors to play with on your crafting table. Another fall tradition is to replace the common sheen of satin ribbons with a more natural look like straw or burlap. Just imagine yourself walking around a corn field this fall season and you’ll be able to find the perfect fall colors. Or better yet, head to the pumpkin patch or a sunflower field for outdoor fun and inspiration.

Fall Ribbons

Whether you are creating a fall craft or looking for some ribbon that screams “Fall is here!,” you’ll want to take a look at this fall ribbons collage we put together. It features the best from around the web. If you end up purchasing one of these ribbon spools, leave a comment below with what you created! We can’t get enough of hearing about our readers’ crafts!

Fall Ribbons

The following Fall Ribbons are in this collage (starting from top-left to bottom-right):

Fall Crafts

Outdoor crafts are big deal for fall. One common fall craft is the wreath. Look for inspiration in leaves, corn, pumpkins, and more fall-related items to create a magical fall wreath that welcomes guests to your home. Add a sensational bow on top of any wreath and your fall wreath is sure to impress. We happen to love The Sweet Survivals’s fall wreath that’s made from grape vines and wheat picks. And the best part? The huge red bow on the front! It would also be a beautiful wreath if you used one of our fall ribbons instead.

Fall Wreath from The Sweet Survival

Since Thanksgiving is in fall, you’ll want to prepare the table for the guests it is about to feed. Give thanks to your table by decorating it! There are lots of fall table setting ideas out there! Many of them involve pumpkins, hay, squash, and other fall items. One of our favorite comes from Better Home and Gardens. All you need is some fall ribbon, wheat, fall container, and sand. Full directions are located on their website.

Better Home and Gardens Table Setting Piece Fall time brings the beauty of pumpkins into your home. Don’t forget to pick up a few to use as decor around the house. One tip is to never carve your pumpkin, since it then starts growing mold. Recently, the trend has been to decorate on top of the pumpkin, using craft supplies like paint, fall ribbon, and other goodies. These miniature pumpkins from Babble are just the right amount of charm for decorating the house. All you need is some ribbon and glue to make this happen. This would make a really fun project with the kids!

Babble's Fall Pumpkins

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