What are Embellishments?

Embellishments are used to decorate a variety of items including gifts, scrapbooks, photo albums, hair clips, headbands, hand bags, totes, dresses, and much more. Embellishments are typically small details that make the item stand out even more.


Here are some really great embellishments made with ribbon, organza fabric, silk fabric, crystals, sequins and even feathers.

Take a look at these tiny artificial rose buds; they are perfect for embellishing hair clips and headbands. Made with satin fabric for a soft feel, these rose buds can easily be glued on to hair accessories, greeting cards, or any other craft projects.

Satin Rose Buds
These tiny polka dot bows are great for sprucing up almost anything including gift boxes, headbands, greeting cards, photo albums, favor boxes, or scrapbooks. Someone even had the creative idea to use the polka dot bows on a dog collar.  It came out amazing! And there are plenty of other craft projects that can take advantage of these decorative tiny polka dot bows.

Polka Dot Bows

Artificial butterfly embellishments are excellent for wall decorating and as hair accessories.  What little girl wouldn’t love to have a beautiful butterfly as part of her hairstyle? The glittered butterflies are my favorite and they come in 3 vibrant colors. These artificial butterflies are made from a lightweight feathery material, which gives them a very realistic appearance.

Glittered Artificial Butterfly Embellishments

These diamond mesh ribbons are perfect for embellishing pillar candles. It’s a pretty simple project – just purchase a pillar candle, wrap the jewel ribbon around the candle, and use a hot glue gun to keep the ribbon in place. They make great gifts for any girl in your life.

Diamond Mesh Ribbon



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