DIY Ornament for Autumn | Sunflower Seeds & Ribbon

Looking for an easy DIY ornament? This ornament is made from sunflower seeds, ribbon, and a paper coaster. You can find these items around the house or at your local general store. The earthy look of this ornament makes it a great decoration for fall. This autumn ornament will make a wonderful addition to your home and you’ll want to make more of these ornaments to hang all around the house. And although it looks like this ornament took hours to make, it only took 15 MINUTES! No joke.

DIY Ornament for Autumn

Materials to Make this DIY Autumn Ornament

  • One pack of Sunflower Seeds
  • One Paper Coaster
  • 12″ strip of Orange Ribbon
  • 2″ by 1″ felt piece (color is up to you!)
  • Glue Gun
  • Orange Multipurpose Paint and paintbrush (optional)
  • Paper plate or painter’s palette (optional)

Directions to Make this DIY Autumn Ornament

  1. You’ll want to paint your coaster, back and front, a solid orange. Start by applying a glob of paint on your paper plate or painter’s palette, then use your paintbrush to cover the paper coaster completely. Depending on what design is on your paper plate, you may have to coat the coaster multiple times. This step is optional if you would prefer to keep the “recycled” look of the coaster, you do not need to paint. Allow paint to dry before proceeding. DIY Ornament for Autumn DIY Ornament for Autumn
  2. Glue your sunflower seeds to the coaster. Start on the outer corner and work your way around the circle. The first layer of sunflower seeds should hang half way off the ornament to completely hide the coaster that’s behind it. Since the hot glue quickly dried, I developed a technique of laying out the sunflower seeds first, so it was easy to grab and apply before the glue dried. You’ll want all your sunflower seeds facing towards the middle. DIY Ornament for Autumn
  3. Once you are finished applying the first layer of sunflower seeds, continue onto the next inner layer. Make sure to apply the sunflower between the gaps to hide the coaster. Continue to glue around the coaster until the second layer is complete. This layer should lay relatively flat compared the the upcoming layers. DIY Ornament for Autumn
  4. Continue adding sunflower seeds layer by layer. You’ll start to see that as you add sunflower seeds on top of each layer, the sunflower seeds in the inner layers will stand up more. DIY Ornament for Autumn
  5. Once you reach the middle, use your sunflower seeds to fill in the last middle portion. And the hard part is done! Be sure to wiggly some of the sunflower seeds to guarantee that they are nice and snug in their spots. If you find loose sunflower seeds, reapply some glue and re-stick. DIY Ornament for Autumn
  6. Take the time to remove any leftover glue strands that are on the sunflower seeds. You can use a hair blowdryer for speedy removal.
  7. To hang up your DIY ornament, you’ll need to use your ribbon and felt piece. Tie the ribbon into a simple and beautiful bow. Then turn the ornament over and glue the ribbon to your ornament, so that the bow is directly on the top. To stabilize your ornament, you’ll want to then glue the felt piece over the ribbon. This will help the ribbon hold the weight of the ornament.
  8. Once the glue dries, your ornament is ready for the limelight! What’s also great about this ornament is that it can transfer to any season. Just spray paint your DIY ornament with a seasonal color and it’s ready to go. I recommend gold and silver for the holidays. DIY Ornament for Autumn


And here’s a close-up!

DIY Ornament for Autumn

And can’t forget the collage, in case, you want to pin it:

DIY Ornament for Autumn

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